Apple Store Verizon iPhone orders now shipping

It looks like Verizon iPhone pre-orders made via are finally starting to ship, playing a little catch-up with Verizon iPhone orders made via that started shipping last week. The one above is coming straight from the factory in Shenzhen, China. Based on reports in our Verizon iPhone Forum, Tuesday morning is the expected timeframe for delivery.

Some orders claim they'll be arriving as early as Monday but Apple has placed holds on deliveries in the past, making sure they're ready but not released until launch day -- in this case February 10. Still, the Verizon iPhone 4 is still and iPhone and Apple may not be as invested in keeping the deliveries in lock-step this time around. With pre-orders selling out, creating the most successful launch in Verizon history, there's bound to be a lot of trucks on a lot of roads no matter how they try to organize it.

Has your Verizon iPhone order shipped yet? Let us know your status in the comments and help us keep track in the Verizon iPhone Forum.

[Thanks Noell!]

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