Apple Gift Cards over Black Friday — what's going to happen?

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Black Friday is coming, and we all know what that means — massive deals on loads of different Apple devices. Not that you’ll find any kind of discount on the Apple Store — This year, the firm is offering gift cards to go with your purchases, giving you money off a second purchase.

This is similar to last year, and Apple has now released the list of different prices and how much you're going to get when you buy a different product. Each device nets you a different amount of money, with some devices giving you a bigger card than others. And, just like last year, Apple is not the place to find the best Black Friday Apple deals.

Apple Black Friday 2023 gift cards

So this year we've got the list for the products that will get you a gift card:

Is it worth going to Apple over Black Friday?

Unless you know that you're going to get an extra little something to go with your big purchase, then that's a resounding no. There aren't any real savings to be had on the main Apple products, and you'll soon find yourself spenmding more than you might elsewhere, even with the gift cards. Instead, you should check out our Black Friday Guides which help you find the best iPhone Black Friday deals, the best AirPods Black Friday deals, the best MacBook Black Friday deals, and the best iPad Black Friday deals.

Last year Apple Gift Card Black Friday

In 2022, there were a couple of different gift cards that you could get hold of, but you had to buy different products from the store to qualify. To get the biggest gift card of $250, you had to make a suitably large purchase to match — that would be the M1 Pro or M1 Max MacBook Pro, the then top-of-the-range MacBooks. 

Smaller gift cards were given out for other purchases. Beats headphones would net you $50 cards, while AirPods would get you $25 cards. iPhones were $50 cards, while an Apple Watch SE got you $50 to spend. Considering how much you were paying already, the amount of gift credit you got felt a little thin on the ground.

In fact, It wasn’t worth going to the Apple Store at all. It often didn’t save you any money, instead making you pay full price and giving you money off something you probably weren’t looking for in the first place.

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