AppleCare+ program raises iPhone deductibles, adds iPods, and launches in select European countries

Apple has just made some updates to their AppleCare+ program including making the service available for iPod touch and iPod classic owners. Most notably, the deductible for a broken iPhone replacement will be increased from the current $49 per incident to $79. AppleCare+ plans are also now available in select European countries. From what we can see, for now that includes France, Italy, and the UK.

AppleCare+ replacement plans for iPhone and iPod will still remain at $99. The deductible to replace a broken iPod touch or iPod classic will be $29 per incident and can be used for up to two incidents within 2 years. The two incident rule remains the same for iPhone users as well but the deductible per incident has risen to $79 instead of the current deductible of $49.

As usual, it will extend your standard warranty to cover accidental. You'll be covered for defects and damage for a full two years from your purchase date.

Source: AppleCare

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.