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Apple's Financial Results Tonight Will be Light on iPhone

MacRumors is reporting that tonight's financial results from Apple aren't going to contain a whole lot of crunchy iPhone goodness. The news is based on a Bloomberg report that points out that Apple's last quarter ended before the iPhone 2.0 software update was available, Apple doesn't count those sales towards revenue. Likely if they had, they might have had to go all Sarbanes-Oxley on us and charge for that update. That might be fine for iPod owners, but iPhone owners have had enough of hidden costs lately.

The lack of iPhone info doesn't look to put much of a damper on the earning call, though, as the high-margin Mac has been selling quite well (especially in laptop form). If you still want to listen in for that, Apple has a webcast set up for 5pm Eastern.

  • Bummer on the lack of iPhoney goodness, but Mac sales sure seem to be getting halo'd out the stratosphere.
    I wonder if Apple will ever break-out iPod Touch sales to show how much of an installed base App Store will hit on...
  • Do anybody knows what is the deal with apple and AT&T? I know AT&T have so many buts and ifs to sell the Iphone, I only can get one when my contract is close to the 2 years contract, in my case 7 more months or I could pay them $399!!! the funny part is that I can update now and get almost any phone but the Iphone!!!
    AT&T //*&^%
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