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Apple's iPhone Ranked #1 in Mobile Web in Americas and Europe

AdMob released its latest report and it states the iPhone is the leading smartphone not only in the Americas, but in Europe as well. This news should really come to no surprise to any of our readers, and it's not the first signs of Apple's dominance in the smartphone world as we've reported its U.S. success of mobile web traffic previously. As you can see, the iPhone is annihilating the competition regarding mobile traffic in some major markets.


blockquote>"Alongside the iPhone growing to 54 percent of all smartphone Internet traffic in North America, it now makes up more than half of all handheld traffic in Latin America (56 percent) as well as Western and Eastern Europe (78 percent and 51 percent). Apple's lead is especially high in Oceania, which centers on Australia and New Zealand, as it represents 92 percent of all mobile data."

Following behind Apple's footsteps here in the U.S., we have the Motorola Droid coming in 2rd in overall smartphones. Sadly for our good friends over at, their beloved device only took a lonely 2% of the pie.

  • Like to see the numbers in 6 months.
  • of course.
  • Well webos hasn't been out for long enough that might explain it. But I can't belive symbian web browsing is better than android. I had the n-95 8 GB for a year before the iPhone and android and they both had better web browsing..
  • Symbian OS has much potential but it is underdeveloped. Android and iphone OS, and even WebOS were designed for modern-day phones and users. WinMo and symbian were not
  • Obvious
  • which phones run the symbian OS?
  • And it will only grow. Apple iPhones will become massive in the 3rd world as time goes on. It will allow them to have a small, light, portable computer in their hand. The $100 laptop may work for some, but with the right small solar panel, or he'll even a hand generator, they will be in business.
    I think the tablet will be an even bigger success. I will get one after the first Patch to the OS comes out to clean up any bugs.
  • Of course.
  • 100% soon come
  • The large proportion of Symbian browsing just reflects the huge number of Nokia phones in the world market. Android's numbers are rather impressive to me. I wouldn't think it would be that high already, and it will only gain in this area. WM's numbers are frankly embarrassing, in that most BB users aren't using it primarily for mobile browsing.
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  • I have a Palm Pre.
    It's no surprise that the Iphone is #1. It's been out for a long time and it's had the best mobile browser.
    However, the Palm Pre Browser is VERY VERY good. Many people say the last update that helped our browser brought the Pre 2nd only to the Iphone, who's first because of the many mobile websites dedicated to it.
    Web Browsing on my Pre is simple and effortless. I imagine it would be because it is called WEBos.
    One cool thing the Iphone needs is when doing universal search, a "search google" option that the Palm Pre has. Very very useful.
  • Sorry for double post.
    After Flash comes around on the Pre... It'd be interesting to see where those statistics go. :)
  • The fact that Symbian is number 2 just shows how stubborn people can be. :/
  • Symbian is second only because still 1/5 user don't know what they buying only trying to be cool!
  • Where will the numbers go? Most likely WAY higher for iPhone and naturally lower for the rest. Most of you thinking the tide will turn in favor of Android or whatnot, remember this, there are 18 million iPhones currently under some sort of subscription and those are the ones that are the basis for this data.
    Considering also there are a lot of devices out there which run Android, naturally not only the over hyped Nexus One, the numbers are sad for Android.
    And are you seriously considering flash ability on the Pre as a sales pitch? The iPhones out there can't play flash content either, you don't see their sales low.
    The Nexus One reportedly had sales numbers of about 25.000 in the first week. Compare that to the iPhone 3GS with 1.8 million sold in the first 3 days after it was released.
  • i'm not sure I agree with what you wrote, but I like the way you put your arguement across in your beliefs. Just started following your feed.