Angry words and heated accusations were being flung at a certain well known product maker today, and I'm not talking about Mattel's recall of lead-painted toys for tots. Early adopters who patiently stood in long lines on June 29 (including yours truly), eager to be first on the block to own iPhones, are being rewarded with the sudden devaluation of their investments. Today Apple dropped the price of its most popular iPhone model (8GB) by $200, just two months after launch. What cost six Ben Franklins yesterday now costs only $399.

This sudden deflation in price has many incumbent iPhone users feeling cheated. Some are posting angry letters on Apple's support forums, expressing frustration, agitation, degradation, and other words that end in ion. My inbox is flooding with angry comments, I feel like a rape crisis hotline. Many are asking for some type of reasonable compensation or token for this punch to the stomach, or wallet as it were. A two hundred dollar cashback reward perhaps? Not going to happen. How about a voucher for a truckload worth of free iTunes downloads? Nope. The best solution I can come up with is for Apple to offer early adopters a coupon or discount redeemable at any Apple Store, good towards the purchase of any Apple product. Of course, the illogic of that is inescapable - I already paid too much for an iPhone, now I'm going to go further in debt by buying more Apple products?

So what is your solution to the problem? What should Apple do to compensate its loyal users? Speaking as someone who operates one of the most popular iPhone enthusiast sites on the entire bloody internet I feel that Apple needs to take care of its audience, no matter what the outcome. We helped lay the foundation for a new community, and help build the product's success. I certainly did anyway. How about it Steve? Throw us a bone.

[update] Just wanted to clarify a point - if you recently purchased an iPhone within the last 14 days you can request a refund on the $200 price difference by calling or returning to the origin of purchase. If your iPhone was purchased prior to that are screwed. Sorry.