Archos VR Glasses are cheap and will work with all iPhones

Archos is getting into the busy virtual reality hardware business in November with the just announced Archos VR glasses, which will have a rock bottom price of $29.99.

Archos says its glasses are designed to work in combination with any smartphone, including all iPhones, Android and Windows Phone devices, up to six inches in size. It also claim it is compatible with over 100 VR app. It added:

With the upcoming ARCHOS Video Player update, users will also enjoy 3D videos in a stereoscopic mode on their mobile, creating the illusion of seating in a 3D movie theatre. Optimum requirements for an immersive experience are a full HD 5" smartphone with quad core processors (or higher) and motion sensors such as an accelerometer and a gyroscope.

The concept sounds similar to the Samsung Gear VR, but with a much lower price point. What is your opinion of the Archos VR Glasses?

Source: Archos

John Callaham

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