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Are you on CrackBerry? You just threw an iPhone at a brick wall!

Whenever a new phone comes out, someone bites the bullet and puts it through its paces, testing drops from all angles and under various circumstances. CrackBerry, Kevin Michaluk (AKA: CrackBerry Kevin) was the sucker hero to step up to the task with the new BlackBerry KEYone. To show comparisons, he also drop-tested a Galaxy S8 and Apple's flagship iPhone 7 Plus. Kevin doesn't just real-world drop test his phones, though. He takes it to the extreme.

It starts off fairly innocuous — drops from waist height on the carpet, drops from desks (standing desk height), and even drops from unusually high levels, though not unheard of.

Shortly after that, things get rough. Let me warn you, this video is not for the iPhone-loving faint at heart (or Galaxy or BlackBerry for that matter).

Which phone faired the best in CrackBerry Kevin's maniacal drop test? No spoilers. You'll have to see for yourself.

BlackBerry KEYone shows it can take a beating in this 'real world' durability test

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  • good test thx for the demo, I look forward to possibly being able to use a physical keyboard again.
  • Physical keyboards are better than touchscreen keyboards any day
  • Utter hogwash. They use touchscreens on the spaceships in Star Trek so they must be better.
  • Touchscreen keyboards would be fine if you could feel the keys, otherwise it's impossible to touch type (without autocorrection)
  • In all seriousness, a decent haptic response (such as on the Mac Book track pad) could create a touchscreen that is as nice to use as a proper keyboard.
  • Pretty cute video.
  • Thanks!!
  • Are you guys doing any articles without clickbait titles anymore? I don't get what is happening to this site I've been coming to since TiPB.
  • Much more realistic tests than "Jerry" ;) That being said I baby my iPhone and my KEYone.