AT&T LTE goes live in eight more locations ahead of iPhone 5 launch

Just like Verizon, AT&T has been exapnading their LTE coverage that will certainly help new iPhone 5 owners attain the speeds they're expecting. In total, eight new areas have now gone live for AT&T.

  • Detroit (metro area)
  • Portland
  • Honolulu
  • Seattle
  • Pittsburgh
  • Sacramento
  • Birmingham
  • Memphis

In addition, AT&T has also expanded its LTE network in Miami-Dade County, continuing to bring it to more customers in south Florida.

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  • Sweet! Last I heard Sacramento was on the "before end of year" list for AT&T. So this is great news! :-)
  • here is good for iphone5 Noosy 3 in 1 High Quality Nano Sim Adapters
  • Anchorage Alaska was also added about two weeks ago now!
  • They flipped the switch in Cincinnati this morning too!!
  • Hello Detroit, you stole my heart but im'ma steal it back, yahhhh LTE.
  • Philly and Wilmington, DE added this week as well
  • Birmingham wasn't even on any of the upcoming list I have seen, so that surprising. If it's true then it was great finding out. Only going to make my iPhone 5 even better!
  • The pic implies some crazy speeds, but what the speeds REALLY looking like? I'll see tomorrow.
  • Any word on new Sprint LTE?
  • Seriously! One of my main rationals for NOT getting the iPhone 5 is because we don't have LTE in Detroit... And now they've turned it on?!? I just double-checked with my iPad a week or two ago and didn't see it, but sure enough when I just checked I've got it. Speed tests reports 8-12MB down and 4-6MB up!!! Gary