AT&T to Offer Data-Capped $20 iPhone Plan? $99 iPhones? Pre-Paid iPhones?

Business Week is warming up the rumor we heard ten days ago about AT&T considering reducing the iPhone data plan from $30 to $20. This time, however, instead of just a price drop, it's suggested there could be the introduction of a new, limited data option.

So, high end users could get "unlimited" data for $30, and lower end users could get a capped plan for $20.

Business Week's sources also suggest that a lower price or price tier is part of the ongoing negotiations between Apple and AT&T regarding the extension of AT&T's US iPhone exclusivity.

Of course, $99 and pre-paid iPhones are also tossed in for good measure. Apple has stated in the past that they wouldn't leave an umbrella for the competition, so lower-cost -- up-front up on plan -- iPhones are seen as putting pressure on RIM's BlackBerry and Palm's upcoming Pre, and shoring up Apple and AT&T's market share.

If you don't use a lot of data, would a tiered option (already available on many international carriers) appeal to you? Would a lower end or pre-paid iPhone?

Rene Ritchie

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