AT&T preparing for loss of iPhone exclusivity?

AT&T has been quietly accumulating smartphone units to add to their war chest in anticipation of the iPhone being made available through Verizon in the near future. Bloomberg reports:

AT&T Inc., facing the possible loss of its hold on the iPhone, is adding handsets at an accelerating clip and retraining store staff to help reduce reliance on its top-selling smartphone during the holidays. AT&T clearly has tried to diversify themselves away from the iPhone, and that’s probably the right strategy since they’ve relied so heavily on the iPhone these past few years [...] this handset strategy could shelter them from some customer losses.”

AT&T has also been revamping many of their retail outlets and giving alternate smartphones to their staff in order to be less dependent on the iPhone in a post-exclusivity world. Is AT&T right to worry or just smart to prepare? Sound off in the comments below!


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