AT&T now providing unlock codes - except for iPhone

Due to a settlement of a class action lawsuit, AT&T has a agreed to unlock all of the phones the company has sold since March 12, 1999 with the exception of -- you guessed it -- Apple's iPhone. Unlocking the iPhone would mean you'd be able to take the phone and pop in any other GSM carrier sim card and have a fully functional device to travel with... or just run on T-Mobile EDGE. When push came to shove it appears even the courts can not force the carrier to unlock the jewel of the smartphone world:

"Cingular and AT&T Mobility current and former customers, upon request and where available, codes that unlock AT&T Wireless, Cingular and AT&T Mobility handsets other than (i) the Apple iPhone; or (ii) any handset that AT&T Mobility introduces or has introduced for sale pursuant to a contract with a handset manufacturer that provides for an exclusivity period of ten (10) months or longer (“AT&T Handset”)."

I guess this is one of the reasons we still have the good folks in the Dev-Team. Now did any of you really expect anything more?


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