AT&T Q3 Results -- 3.2 Million iPhones Activated, 40% to New Customers

Hot on the heels of Apple's Q4 results come AT&T's Q3 report, and the iPhone-related news keeps getting better and better, including a record 3.2 million activations, 40% of which went to new customers.

And the records didn't stop there. Highest Q3 net subscriber gain, best ever Q3 churn rate, largest quarterly increase of integrated devices (like iPhone) in history, and 33.6% increase in data revenue.

What's astonishing is this growth persists despite widespread, ongoing -- almost farcical at this point -- reports of poor network experience for iPhone users. Imagine if AT&T could build out infrastructure to meet demand in areas like San Francisco and New York?

And how happy are they Verizon appears to be out of the iPhone picture, at least for now?

Rene Ritchie

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