AT&T shows off lightning fast LTE network for future 4G iPhone

GigaOM was able to play around with the trial LTE network that AT&T has setup at their Foundry space in Plano, TX, which just might be used by iPhone 6 in 2012. They were able to reach blazingly fast speeds, beating out Verizon's LTE performance without a hitch.

the highlight of the lab was that the Foundry is home to a trial Long Term Evolution network. I asked for a demo and got one. The speeds provided on the download side were about 28.87 Mbps, and were about 10.4 Mbps on the upload side.

The technology behind their test LTE network consists of both 700 MHz spectrum as well as the AWS band they already own (and want to get more of by purchasing T-Mobile USA).

Keep in mind that AT&T's LTE network isn't going to see the light of day for some time, but it's also important to note the speeds they saw were reflective of 'real-world' performance. By comparison, Verizon users see on average ~10Mbps down and ~5Mbps up, so that's a pretty significant difference in speed. Whatever they're

Are you excited as we are to see the iPhone taking advantage of these 4G speeds on AT&T's network down the road?


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