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AT&T Updates on Status of iPhone Tethering

Following up on today's announcement that AT&T would be making MMS available to US iPhone users on September 25, TiPb asked the logical followup -- tethering?

We expect to offer tethering in the future. By its nature, this function could exponentially increase traffic on the network, and we need to ensure that some of our current upgrades are in place before we can deliver the expanded functionality with the excellent performance that customers expect.

They're likely referring, at least in part, to their ongoing rollout of 850 MHz 3G -- most recently in New York and New Jersey (opens in new tab) -- which should put more width in their bandwidth.

So are we happy enough with MMS to cut AT&T some slack on tethering, or do we want it all and now?

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • We just got word for the MMS. Honestly, I don't see the purpose of tethering, if you want to bring your laptop and use it where ever you go. Most likely you'll find a place with wifi/hotspot. I rather just do everything from my Iphone than bring my damn laptop everywhere and have another thing to worry about (being stolen/carry-on you/store it).
  • Rene, thanks for starting a new thread. I posted this news in #93 on the MMS thread last hour. MMS will keep me happy for awhile.
  • No AT&T deserves no slack. The are the worst cell company. Every other industrialized nation already had the network required to offer these features. Yet we pay more in the U.S. for our Cell service and get less than everyone else in the world. We deserve tethering for what we pay. My friend in Hong Kong Pays $17 a month for her Cell service and has more services than I pay over $150 a month for. Something is not right here.
  • No worries, we asked AT&T PR for a statement, that's what we -- and it looks like everyone else -- got. New post was only natural :)
  • What exactly is the difference between me using my AT&T Tilt to tether or my iPhone? Prior to doing the profile change on my iPhone i just took the Sim out and put it in my Tilt. What is the difference in the type and amount of data used?
    I am only recently an iphone user, I stayed away from it because of the MMS and tethering issue but jumped in with both feet when I heard that both features were coming. AT&T dropped the ball when it comes to its iPhone users. I have decided that it really don't affect me either way as i have already decided to jailbreak as soon as i get some free time.
  • I'm so done with AT&T. I'm getting the Pre and keeping this as my iPod.
  • i'm happy with the tethering i have now:
    just download the proper mobile config and you can tether.
    there are still quite a few places that don't have wifi.
    many airports are still pay to play.
  • I only care about MMS, but AT&T has been advertising tethering, too. If they knew they couldn't do it, or not until a much later date, they should have been honest about it. No excuses, no slack.
  • I don't really care about tethering, but how will iPhone tethering be any different than other smartphone tethering. Aren't there more of other smartphones on AT&Ts network anyways. I just don't understand. And I doubt the majority of iPhone owners (who are mainly consumers) will even pay the extra money to tether anyways. The iPhone Internet is all most consumers really need when out and about.
  • I also fail to see the purpose of tethering when you have the iPhone in your pocket. You have everything at your finger tips for the web...
  • I don't expect excellent performance anymore so they should roll it out now.
  • I just simply say AT&T should have just kept us as customers updated to the pros and cons of the situation instead of leaving us in the dark. I can understand their (AT&T) take on the situation if they would have just been up front instead of waiting until they had numerous complaints. AT&T should have just kept cingular as a seperate division so they wouldn't have to focus on all around sells. Cingular would take care of the multibillion dollar cell phone service and kept us all informed. It's all about the principle not the date with me.
  • AT&T is terrible and they're still only tied with 3 other carriers for the worst in the US.
    MMS is worthless to me where as tethering would actually add value both to me and to ATT. I just wonder what the business case is for MMS. I assume we'll have to pay to send them and since iPhone users have lived without them for so long I wonder if people will actually get MMS if AT&T tries to charge. I know my wife and I won't, everyone has email on their phones now.
  • Although I'm happy MMS is coming, what I really need is tethering. I wouldn't use it much, but there are times when I can't do without it, like on a two day road trip, or being stuck at an airport with Boingo fading in and out. Love the iPhone, but I can't understand why the iPhone specifically would increase bandwidth by tethering than any of the other cell tethering options which have been on the market for a considerable period already. It's just tethering, My old cell phone did it just fine. I for one don't care if it's an iPhone or a motorola flip when it comes to tethering, and I don't think anyone else would be amping up the bandwidth either, going "Oooo, I want to tether more, I've got an iPhone!" What is it, more fun?
  • Fine print behold...current 2G owners won't get any of this. Infact we don't even get push .... Yet for some reason my Tmobile MyTouch 3G running Android does all of this (MMS, Tethering...a Webkit based browser) for less than i was paying AT&T....I was a loyal customer for my 2yr contract...but there was nothing for me in the end...only a snub of software induced feature reduction...and heavy handed forced hw upgrades. No thanks.
  • i can do without tethering. i work from home and obviously have internet here. no biggie, give me MMS when it's ready. Whatever...
  • I'd rather had tethering than MMS.
    What I'd really really like is the pricing for the tethering. If it's too much I'll just get a MiFi from one of the companies (or some kind of networking card).
  • im having a swell time with PDA net on my iphone.. ATT can take ALL the time they need
  • I have BOTH MMS and tethering cuz I JAILBREAKED ....
    32GB 3GS with Tmobile
  • The reason iPhone tethering would have a huge impact is that A)there are a bazillion iPhones out there and B) Apple will make it so easy to do, people will actually use it. iPhone tethering for $30 a month on iPhones will have more impact on data usage than free tethering on blackberries would.
  • Im in NJ and I get full 3G everywhere with no hiccups. So my only gripe with ATT is MMS, which I have been so conditioned to not use that I doubt I'm gonna use it much when it's supported. All you have to do to tether now for free is install the AT&T 5.0 profile through a mobileconfig file on your iPhone. So I'm content with AT&T and sure as he'll don't wanna be on Verizon where they don't put wifi on phones and censor websites. I just don't understand the whole "I hate AT&T" game. It's childish and the competition isn't any knight in shining armor either.
  • I tether now. I have heard that they can track it but I haven't heard from them yet.
  • Since I'm no longer a child, I work as an engineer and really need tethering to interface with customers while I'm travelling. I currently use the hack but my company will pay for tethering if they would just offer it. I used to have a verizon PC card but it got stolen and I don't want to carry an extra piece of hardware.
    So, just because you don't need to use tethering to check your facebook status doesn't mean it isn't useful to people doing real work in the field.
    PS. I hate you all
  • P.P.S. Just kidding. I love you all
  • Tethering a laptop with an iPhone is like towing another car along with a chain.
    Have fun... :roll:
  • I'm surprised they are working on anything for their iPhone customers. Aren't we the red-headed step children? I'm sure they want everyone to be excited and feel grateful but they are, as far as I'm concerned, a day late and a dollar short. I'm now counting the days until another carrier gets the iPhone so I can cancel my contract and move on to a company that actually gives a shit.
  • @fastlane I disagree, i tether my laptop with my iphone 3g all the time. It works great, most of the time it works faster than the wi-fi connections.
  • AT&T isn't up to allowing tethering due to the huge amount of iPhones on their network. Yes all the othe smartphones they offer can be tethered but those handsets aren't as prevalent on the AT&T network as the iPhone. Sure a tilt owner can tether but there are far fewer tilts on the network than iPhones. Yea AT&T oversold iPhones and yes they should keep us better informed but from someone who works in the wireless industry and understands the in's and out's of wireless networks that's the reason that AT&T is not allowing tethering. Anyone familiar with the Austin network cras two years in a row from too many iPhone users all in one place? Take that nationwide of they allowed tethering in the iPhones... The network would be brought to it's knees. They have to invest in increasing the backhaul to adequately support the data consumption from everyone plugging up their iPhones to their pc's and cancelling their home isp's .
  • At first I was pretty excited about the idea of being able to tether. I even blogged about it. But really I can hardly imagine being in a situation when I happen to have my MAC with with, not be within WiFi range and urgently need to get online.
    If I really had to get instant online access I would just use my iPhone and make do with the small screen for that oh so rare moment!
    Kick Butt
  • You know you can already get tethering on the iPhone 3G S. I have it. This site tells you how to get it.
  • Oh yeah my phone isn't jailbroken:)
  • @stervegas:
    I disagree... It works great, most of the time it works faster than the wi-fi connections.
    I don't claim it isn't fast or doesn't work well. In fact, I can pull a dead car around with my car very easily, also.
    (see sting7k and Kick Butt's comments)
  • I think this is an interesting statement by James p:
    "They have to invest in increasing the backhaul to adequately support the data consumption from everyone plugging up their iPhones to their pc’s and cancelling their home isp’s"
    If I were AT&T and had millions of iPhone customers I would be scared of this. Sure it wouldn't happen right away, but I think James p is fairly accurate in his prediction. Just like so many of us no longer have a landline, for many it will make sense to just get rid of there cable/fios/dsl/etc broadband at home and just use the cellular connection. The add'l $30/mo. (or whatever)tethering charge may even be less than their current home broadband rate and it may be faster than what they already have. I oftentimes get greater than 2Mbps speeds on 3G.
  • I'm ready to cut them some slack but I don't speak for the mob of iphone users
  • Free and available wifi just isn't the norm anymore. People heard enough times that they need to password protect their networks and they have.
    @fastlane, you seem to be saying that the laptop and iPhone experiences are the same. I just can't understand that at all. If I need to do a couple hours of work I'm not going to be able to do that on my phone, I need a full multi application OS. I need my laptop. This is where tethering is useful.
  • @Lee Miran people won't be giving up home networks for mobile data plans anytime soon IMHO. The 5gb/mo cap makes that unrealistic.
  • @AnteL0pe: True to a degree. It may be realistic enough for those whose internet habits are like the folks now migrating over to 3G netbooks.
  • Tethering--no big deal. Still going to cost people more money do it. It's better if they get their network together. Can see people being happy to have it now (for an additional cost) and not working correctly.
  • People are ALREADY tethering their iPhones (jailbroken phones, carrier file hacking), so just f'n enable it already.
  • I have wifi at my house and the iPhone surfs. The web fine by itself. I don't need tethering. Mms will work sweet.
  • I've enabled tethering on my jailbroken 3g. Fuck AT&T. I'm tired of their shit.
    I try to be careful and only use it when absolutely necessary.
  • The people that are whinning so much for the tethering need to just break the contract, jailbreak and just go to tmobile or verizon. Or just go get a different phone. No one is holding you back. Pay the termination fee and dip.
  • Tethering is a big deal. I work for a construction company and I would rather be able to tether my computer to my phone for internet when I am at remote jobsites rather than pay for a separate laptop connect card from att. I have no problem paying a premium for service if the service is state of the art and allows me to do what I want when I want to. But currently I feel that I am paying a premium for a great phone that is being held back by a company that is not trying to push the envelope of technology but is more focused on how little they can provide and still keep users. ATT the statistics have just been released and they show the US falling to 27th in the world for internet connectivity. Please step and become a world leader.
  • Jay,
    You should get on the phone with AT&T execs. You have a great argument.
  • I've just downloaded the tethering file and used it and it WORK FREAKING GREAT!!! .....Will AT&T find out and my bill becomes 700$ at the end of the month??? Someone please tell me cause I want to be sure.
  • I do not cut them any slack. If anything I am more angry they did MMS first and blew off tethering support. First of all, MMS is a way for users to use more bandwidth for free. Tethering is an additional revenue source for them. Don't they see the ($) ($) dancing in their eyes?
    I loved the original 3.0 tethering hack (which is basically what it will be whenever AT&T decides to give it to us), but was unable to find a way to get voicemail to work with it without having to re-enter different APN addresses every time.
    PDANet has been very unreliable for me lately. In the last week alone I've been in a couple meetings where I needed to show a coworker something online and had to say, "oh well, I'll have to show you later" because I couldn't get tethering to work in a timely manner.
    My one ray of hope was that by fall we would have legitimate tethering, and I could count on reliable service that wasn't a hack and didn't have to sneak under the bandwidth radar. I'm really upset about this. I don't want to pay for a wireless card and an entirely different account with another ETF, because I shouldn't need to when my phone is perfectly capable of moving the very same bits and bytes that I would be using on a wireless broadband account. I wouldn't mind if they started out slow and gave us very limited bandwidth tethering ability, maybe 500MB a month or something, until they see how it goes and can build out their network. Make it $30 a month so only those who need it will pay for it. Give us something!
  • And for this stupid reason is what made me go and jailbreak & unlock my iPhone 2g now I can't make those Lil kids at the apple store with their iPhone 3gs and 3gs look like shyt... I've been able to tethter,video recorder, and mms for the longest all on the cheap T-Mobile network!!!! Hahaha BITE ME AT&T what's good!!!!!
  • I was forced to tether for like 3 weeks beacause tyere was a problem with m ISP and i dont know what i would have done if i couldnt tether. It worked great!
  • @Antel0pe:
    Sure, I understand your point. I've tethered laptops for years so I know that the laptop and iPhone experiences are not the same (and using LogMeIn often means telling people "hey, it's gonna be a little while."). But less encumbrances is the whole point of mobility, IMO. 
    First it was full-size Bluetooth keyboards, now it's tethering...
    Maybe I should invent an inflatable desk. ;) 
  • No AT&T deserves no slack. The are the worst cell company. Every other industrialized nation already had the network required to offer these features. Yet we pay more in the U.S. for our Cell service and get less than everyone else in the world. We deserve tethering for what we pay. My friend in Hong Kong Pays $17 a month for her Cell service and has more services than I pay over $150 a month for. Something is not right here.
    No other nation has as large an area to cover.
  • Piper's point is a good one. Covering the entire US isn't inexpensive, and having good coverage isn't easy, just ask TMobile.
    I'm jailbroken and unlocked and enjoy the ability to tether. I wish ATT would deliver this but it seems clear they think they'll make more money from MMS than tethering.
  • This will make me very happy! 3 years without picture messaging has been somewhat of a headache. I honestly am not planning on using tethering anyway.
  • I never thought I would need tethering until I visited my in-laws in Pheonix. No wi-fi at the house for my laptop. I really would have loved to be able to tether then. Bring it on.
  • I don't think tethering would use any more bandwith. You are either going to use the iphone on the network or your laptop. I don't think we (iPhone customers) should have to pay any extra for access to the network. It's not like we are going to use the iPhone as a MI FI device like Verizon and Sprint have. AT&T is a load of bull. Apple should create their own cellular network.
  • For some reason, I have the tethering option on my device. I found it after I did a restore(i was bored). I'm on AT&T with profile 4.0., 3.0.1 firmware with an iPhone 3G. I tried it, and it works. Weird.
  • How can AT&T say they have held off tethering do to lack of bandwith? They are spending large amounts of money marketing an inexpensive laptop with 3G access. Will that not flood the netwoork?
  • @Miami Mike, no it will not as long as you have the unlimited data plan you won't get charged no extra fee's. I have been tethering my phone for almost 3 months and no crazy charges on my bill.
  • Tethering is dumb. I have an iphone 3Gs and I can do mostly everthing w/ it that I would use my macbook on the go for.
    Plus you can always get a at&t connect card or verizon or whatever.
    You people will always complain about something, whiners.
    Next you're going to bitch about the camera needing a flash or whatever you think you should get.
    This is a result of apple/at&t lowering their cost to $99 so now all these losers can afford it and they are the ones who are going to cry us a river til we all drown and die.
  • To all those who don't see the need to tether...
    Try using an established business database application on an iphone...better yet
    how about simply editing a multi-page spreadsheet and sending it back?
    Some of us need to do more than post to social networking, and send mms all day..
    Hey you bought an iphone that has dedicated email system for that remember? His holiness Jobs himself said you didn't need it anymore!!
    Some of us HAVE to lug around a laptop whether we like to or not for business.
    And to those who say get a laptop card.. I say for what?
    The speed in most areas are identical using a laptop card or tethering.
    Guess what.. tethering costs other PDA phones an extra $30 month.
    The Laptop connect card cost $60 a month.. so iPhone+$30 tether vs iPhone+$60 laptop card (And I think they went up recently on it also...)
    And not every company reimburses for data service...
    Simple math or did you need that sent to you in an mms video to explain it? ;)
  • "exponentially increase network traffic" is close enough to the above-listed AT&T quote for my question...
    If I'm browsing the Internet on wifi my usage doesn't affect AT&T's bandwidth a single bit, whether I'm tethered or using my iPhone alone. Correct?
    So if I'm browsing the Internet on the 3G network how will tethering increase my data usage? Browsing is browsing. I'm not going to download more data while tethered than when using my iPhone solo. Usage is usage and is not technology-dependant.
    Trying to work with heavy data loads on 3G would be slow enough to be self correcting behavior. I might try it once but wouldn't waste time a second time. I'd wait for wifi.
    Am I missing something? Or maybe I'm a freaking genius?
  • @Kevin
    Excuuuuse me Mr. business man. If you need it that bad quit your bitching and get a blackberry w/ data + tethering.
    If you really NEEDED it you wouldn't have bought an iPhone and trolled around for 3 years until they offer it.
    As far as "Try using an established business database application on an iphone better yet how about simply editing a multi-page spreadsheet and sending it back"
    Well guess what? THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT.
  • @ BS
    wow you sound so mature with that language. Let me guess, your 15?...maybe? Alot of us don't NEED tethering, but the benefit will be well worth it. If you really draw the comparison that you can do mostly the same things with your Macbook as your phone, then you sir obviously aren't one of the people here to paid $1000+ to fully use the funtionality of that caliber of computer. I never understood why people paid all that money to just surf the web.
    And getting a laptop card is pointless in this case. He pretty much covered it, but maybe some get them because their current doesn't have 3G or tethering capability, both which the iPhone can utilize.
    You're obviously one of the "trolls" who ran out and grabbed a 3GS and now is iPhone guru. Maybe if YOU have actually been around for the last 3 years, very dedicated iPhone customers, developers, and know how hackers have been voicing their opionion about tethering, mms, flash, video, flash, etc...all things which Apple is capable of producing and the iPhone with it's caliber is deserved to have. It's called innovation. Customer feedback to say the least.
    But as far as AT&T and tethering, sounds like they're doing what the have to do. For you people ripping on them saying if they flipped the switch today it wouldn't/shouldn't hurt networks? There's a reason you don't have a job in corporate AT&T doing this stuff or we'd all crash every 5 minutes
  • @Someguy
    Hey virgin ears just because I used one very light profane word doesn't make me a 15 year old. You just wanted to say that to start off so you could make the argument that you are the more mature person with the better opinion.
    I know that probably makes you feel better about yourself. I just don't understand why you couldn't just wait for Kevin to respond. The comment was made at him but you just couldn't help yourself. And then automatically you assume I am uneducated all because I used the word "bitching".
    Customer feedback is always great but to state over and over again what apple and at&t already know is not innovation. Just because I do not have a need for tethering doesn't mean I bought the iPhone just for social networking or net surfing.
    Its just silly for you folks to come out here and say "some of us actually do more than mms etc..." sounds like your putting yourselves above others like you are better or something. Its ridiculous. The iPhone has many functions all of which are attractive and they sell to a variety of audiences.
    The funny thing is that Kevin bought the phone knowing it didn't tether and he made it sound like that feature is key reason why he needs a tether. So my comment actually makes sense.
    If you NEED tethering to accomplish your daily tasks then WHY on earth would you buy a phone that doesn't offer that feature? It would be common sense for you to have a smartphone that offers tethering i.e. the blackberry Bold.
    And you took my comment out of context. Yes you can do a lot of the same things on your iPhone that you could on your macbook when you are on the go. But not everything. Especially if its a bunch of hotshots like yourselves then I guess maybe I'm a little too simple. For my work purposes I can edit worksheets, word documents, read pdf, track meetings, e-mail, and etc... and I also use it for fun like surfing the web, as an ipod, and pretty much everything it is advertised to do.
    For your information I am also a dedicated iPhone user and have owned one since the original release. And if YOU are such a dedicated user you should know by now that this is typical apple marketing.
    How long did it take for them to get video and now finally mms? Tethering will be next and so forth. Why is it that apple doesn't offer blu-ray for any of their macbooks? It is simply the way that they operate when it comes to mainstream basic features.
  • When it comes down to it... It's all about money. AT&T's 3G network was never ready. They pushed it so they can keep their contract with Apple and they haven't done enough to make sure they catch up. They still ladvertise it as the best 3G in the Nation. I was a long term sprint user and their 3G network and reliability was amazing. I got signals where no one else did, had MMS, and Tehtering. Apple should have picked a company that can handle the new tech and future ready not AT&T that is comlaining that iPhone users are draining the 3G network for all their customers. I check and clear my data usage on my iPhone monthly. It is no different than what I used on my Palm with sprint. So AT&T is chargin us iPhone users double (Unlimited everything is about $160/month) while Sprint charges Charges $99 (For everything unlimited) and it has MMS and Tethearing.
    I am just counting the days where the iPhone would be avaialbe through either Verizon or Sprint. (Both same network sprint jsut better pricing.)
    I heard that End of this year iPhone will no longer be exclussively from AT&T. Can anyone confirm???
    PS. Lately Ive been getting many Dropped Calls, Very Delayed Push Notification (3 hours later), Being unable to Dial out with the phone sitting for a minture before it dials out, Dropping 3G and saying searching for network in places I used to get signal before. I use it mostly in NY, Miami, Cleveland, Chicago and all over Cali. Is this a new problem poping up???
  • AT&T may suck balls when it comes to pricing, but you have to cut them some slack. You cannot possibly compare them to other companies in other nations. Most of Europe has a 1/100 ratio, whilst AT&T has a 1/1000 in the US. If you have an iPhone, you should just chill out and wait. And be happy that you have a phone that works.
  • I'm not cutting AT&T any slack, but I'm happy with mms. Tethering is not a big deal. If tethering is a big to those whinners and they need to use Internet for their laptop, get a fucking laptop connect from any carrier and stop your bitching. I have mifi from sprint and it works great.
  • Anyone thinking that people won't use more data on a laptop than on an iPhone have never tethered. When you tether you use way more data than when you're doing things in your phone. If I could tether for free id never even bother to look for wifi, the convenience of knowing I just need to plug in my phone would make it a no brainer. If I'm gettin 2 Mbps tethering I'm good to go. Prolly won't be d/ling multi-gb files, but that due to the 5gb monthly limit, not the speeds.
  • The simple thing about tethering that no one, or very few, seems to realize is that it will not be included with the $30 a month data plan. Tethering for ANY phone on AT&T that is capable is $60 a month. Very few people who have the ability to tether now don't because they don't want to pay the fee to do so.
    Also for the remaining few out there who believe that MMS is going to cost more than what they are already paying for their texting plan are mistaken.
    Back to tethering. Those who complain that it's not offered yet probably will not have a need to tether and will not want to pay for it, so they need a reality check and need to stop complaining. Those who do have a need for it probably see the value and will pay for the service. For that small minority tethering should be available. For them it's not and that is a shame. For everyone else sick back, be quiet and stop complaining about a service that you will never be willing to pay for in the first place.
  • Ok kids. I am fed up with Att. Tell me if there is any other phone were u pay 30 dollars a mounth and only get half the crap u pay for. I love my iPhone. But Att sucks donkey @$$. Not let me think they will say " let's tell the now u can mms and wait for us to cheer" wrong Att beyachs. We are starting to hate u! We came for the phone and we will leave because of you. P.s. Mj is not dead!
  • It's like buying a car and the dealer tells u " well now that u have this awsome car u can only do this and this. But not this. Oh I know that u can do this in this car in France but not here ha ha ha! We got u ha ha ha. 2 years more ha ha ha. Wait now u can do this. But still not this in that awsome car that u bought ha ha ha. Att sucks donkey b@ll$ and is the worst! So please take all of this $ I give u every mounth and only give me half the $hit. Your the best!
  • Really anoying atleast well have mms though
  • Go benM!
  • I doubt most iphone users are business professionals, so there won't be much tethering anyway. Business people use Blackberries, not iPhones. Go to any business convention, and everyone is walking around with a Blackberry, not an iPhone. Most iPhone users won't tether anyway, so what is AT&T worried about.
    What the iPhone does, it does well, but it doesn't do much. Apple is like the North Korea of cell phones manuafacturers.
    I was tethering with my Nokia 2120 in the 1990's!
  • Look. Not all biz customers want a Blackberry in fact many hate it. Many are getting fed up with the windows mobile phones. They just are not powerfull enough.
    Shoot they just don't work well enough.
    Give me a decent CPU.. 1gig of RAM and about 4 gigs of storage memory ontop of the mini-sd and we got something to talk about.
    Need full bluetooth support. Need tethering, need a keyboard BT or physical. Need a real mobile browser...
    Need a Mobile CRM APP. Need Exchange support. Need remote desktop support. Need webex support.
    Comon the time is here... All we really need are a lot of batteries.
  • I'd give AT&T plenty if time with tethering... Not only are we getting a cheaper Internet plan just because we have the iPhone, but due to the fact that they have the iPhone, the traffic they get is immense! It's the only phone out there that relies on the Internet as much as it does. You all probably know what it's like to have a slow Internet connection at a cafe or in a public place on wifi, right? Imagine trying to keep 1000 plus people up and going at decent speeds while they're downloading music, apps, etc. off the Internet, off of a single tower. Not to mention phone calls... Give them a break, anyone else would have this problem if the iPhone was available on their network.
  • It would be nice if tethering were available soon. The iPhone is the best computer/phone/music player on the market and should have tethering enabled on it. I don't like to be teased with having the tethering data under my usage tab. That is unfair of Apple to put something on the phone in an update when we can't even use it. I understand that AT&T needs to boost their system up, but Apple shouldn't be teasing us with things we can't use yet because AT&T can't catch up to Apple's releases.
  • Croak! It always chokes me up when some lame thinking person says "I can't think why anyone would want some feature that I don't want". (see the 1st post on this thread). That kind of person should only drive in the daytime, since I can't see why a car should have headlights (using the same lame logic). And no bakery should make lemon pies since "M" only likes cherry.
  • Let's have tethering, and no more charges, or at most keep it cheap. If I want a bigger screen and keyboard, using my iPhone, why should I not tether? I have to travel with the laptop anyway for business, and should not have to pay to use airport WiFi if I could use my iPhone tethered to my laptop while waiting to board.
  • This just sucks....some people can't just go out to a place that offers wi-fi....I pay enough for this plan and should be able to use the internet I already pay out the butt for.....This is just stupid..............
  • It's not AT&T that is causing the problems. They operate around the whole world and would love to give everyone similar plans globally. What is the difference? A magical invisable thing called 'government' or something like that. I guess there are different ones in different places.
  • I swear you stupid people are never happy.
  • Yes we have a lot of ignorant people in the world. Yes we have many whinners. For this I am greatfull for it is what keeps me employed. However, not everyone in the U.S.of A. has Internet access at home. I live in a quiet & peaceful rural neighborhood and feel for all the folks that must convince themselves that living in a major metropolis is what it's all about.
    I have resisted the Internet and all assosiated charges for many years. The only thing that was available to me was a crappy dial up connection that would end up costing me almost $100 a month. A long distance line and Internet access for that amount, for a dial up connection, is not going to happen at my house. This is why I purchased an iPhone.
    It gives my accsess the net, plays my mp3's and meets the majority of my needs and wants. If AT&T will not provide me with an acceptable tethering plan, they can kiss me goodby as a customer. I currently use the hack to tether but would prefer to be lagitamate. I just wish they felt the same way. I will not pay any extra over what I pay now just to access the same data I have already paid to access. They need to ensure that the service they are attempting to charge me for will work when I want to use it. My experience thus far is it's hit and miss. Mostly miss.
    Between the 3.1 issues and this tethering crap, I have decided that I can live quietly in my neighborhood without anything from Apple or AT&T. I must thank them both for making this desision so easy.
  • Considering the phone was doing tethering quite well without a jailbreak before the latest "upgrade" the argument that the network could not handle it is propaganda.
    I greatly object to having to pay an additional large fee to tether my computer to the phone. Both the iPhone internet and the computer internet use the same data circuit we are already paying out the nose for (when it works in 3G areas).
    For the fee we iPhone users have to pay for "unlimited data" should include the tethering too.
    A comment was made previously about why use tethering vs. using a WiFi hotspot someplace. Answer is: most public hot spots are not secure, and some creative criminals have figured out how to set up a bogus hotspot on their computer and can skim data that way. ! Caveat Emptor!! If you are sending your login and passwords over public access hotspots you are very liable to be the victim of identity theft. The cellular system is much less likely to be intercepted.
  • What they are actually is saying is, "Once we figure out how to charge you with minimal affect to our Internet wireless access plan for our wireless users. we will be glad to turn it back on and stick it on you."
    This is a dumb move for a very chitty wireless mobile company. Piss me off!
  • If AT&T keeps fighting tethering... I will have to drop their service. For the price AT&T charges... they shouldn't be trying to disable tethering. I won't be a customer once my contract runs out because their service really sucks. When will other mobile carriers work with iphones (other than jailbreaks)? I've heard it over and over and AT&T is an expensive service and they really suck. Apple needs to slap them around a bit and let them know who is boss.
  • I tethered on AT&T with MS Internet Sharing on my Samsung BlackJack I for years. Tethering is typically going to be used as a backup for people since it is still generally a little slower than your average WiFi at any office or coffee shop. I think their fears of overwhelming traffic are unwarranted. But I don't see what they see, so maybe they know what they are talking about.
  • haha.. oh my goodness... so much at&t hate! I for one think tethering is great. It's relatively fast when done right, gets you free internet in places where you cant get internet or would have to pay for it. And you only pay for tethering if you get caught.... still haven't heard of anyone ever get caught for this..
    and yeah.. at&t isnt the best cell service by any means. especially in basements, and in like the mountains, but its pretty good. If you complain about a lack of services.. hey you got an iPhone, just hack the sucker and get whatever the hell you want on it.. as a mater of fact, just make your own dam programs. Bitchin gets you nothin.
  • Just like a few of the folks above, i can't wait until another carrier gets the iphone and offers tethering so can imediately switch carriers.
  • Yeah. Verizon CEO really blew it when he turned Jobs down for the iPhone. AT&T was the backup. Verizon uses CDMA which is fundamentally more robust and much faster than TDMA which AT&T uses. Really a shame since Verizon could have buried AT&T once an for all. Now we have AT&T growing in handset share. But their network is fundentally behind and 2nd in technical ability. apple will keep putting the screws to At&t as they are scared sick that apple will enable Verizon. Got to love those "map" commercials. AT&T is getting crucified. And yes their highspeed 3G coverage is that poor. 2010 will be very interesting.
  • By the way. I'm on an iPhone 3G posting this. I have also owned a corporate blackberry and still have my verizon account. I would never put my family through AT&T hell. And for the record RIM is losing share at an alarming rate. More of us have already switched away from Blackberry. Between Android and an improved iPhone carrier RIM is going the way of the dinosaur. You heard it from me first. Just watch.
  • Tethering is what I really needed when my Verizon internet service at home stopped working. It takes 3 days for a verizon technician to come and fix my internet, so tethering has been a lifesaver, especially for my husband who needs to connect to his office database from home. It helps us do things we can't do on the phone.
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