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AT&T Wi-Fi calling now available on iPhones running iOS 9

AT&T has announced that it has enabled Wi-Fi calling for customers running iOS 9 on their iPhones. For those unfamiliar, Wi-Fi calling allows customers to place calls over Wi-Fi if they happen to be in an area where the standard cellular signal is patchy or unavailable. To enable the feature, you can navigate to the "Phone" section of your Settings app and flip the switch next to"Wi-Fi Calling." You'll then be taken through a series of setup screens where you can set your 911 emergency address and then activate the feature.

To recap, AT&T Wi-Fi calling was available for a short period in certain test locations when iOS 9 was in beta, but the feature didn't launch alongside iOS 9 because AT&T hadn't yet received a waiver to enable it from the FCC. Earlier this week, however, AT&T received the necessary waiver, and it now looks like everything is a go.

Keep in mind that you must have AT&T HD Voice features enabled to use Wi-Fi calling, and it can only be used in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Source: AT&T (opens in new tab)

  • No international calling? Lame ....
  • Hey, instead of asking AT&T to improve their network, turn the wifi you pay for into a free tower. Looks like a win-win to me....
  • I have great service with AT&T everywhere I go so I don't really need it but it's cool they added it. I'm surprised they're not charging for it!
  • Turned it on without a hitch. How to test it is another matter. As I understand the information presented as I turned it on the phone will only use Wi-Fi if the cellular connection is weak. Turning off Cellular data and LTE in Settings only affects data and not cell voice calling service apparently. Where this might come in handy is in the bowels of large shopping mall or hospital where the cell signal is low or nonexistent.
  • Once AT&T actually enables WiFi calling for you the letters "Wi-Fi" will appear between the carrier name and the WiFi symbol which shows that you are on a WiFi network. I tested this out by going to my basement where there is nearly no coverage and enabling Airplane Mode and then turning on WiFi while in Airplane Mode. I got the Airplane Mode icon, the carrier logo ("AT&T") the "Wi-Fi" label and then the WiFi symbol and was able to place phone calls over AT&T. That pretty much confirmed that the calls were going over WiFi.
  • Thank you! Good info.
  • Thanks, even I tested this way, working perfectly ..
  • I just tried to activate. I'm still on my grandfathered unlimited data plan & guess what? AT&T has wifi calling disabled for my account. How much money could att be possibly loosing on these data plans that they would rather make long time customers unhappy then allow the best service for everybody.
  • Where did it tell you that? I have the old unlimited data and it let me activate it.
  • I am on the grandfathered unlimited data plan and was able to turn on wi-if calling I would try again Sent from the iMore App
  • I have the grandfathered unlimited and was NOT able to turn on Wifi calling either.
  • I figured out the issue, I had a T-Mobile unlocked 6s, and AT&T does not support that or following iPhone models for Wi-Fi Calling: 6s:
    A1700 6s Plus:
    A1699 Returned the T-Mo unlocked for a SIM-free 6s and now I'm good to go (except my SIM-free has a Samsung rather than TSMC processor).
  • Actually I'm on unlimited data also and it's on. Check your phone settings or???
  • 'iphones running ios9' That leads me to believe the iphone 5s will work? But I'm not seeing the option and I'm reading it is only for 6 or 6s? Is this just an Apple roadblock to get me to buy another phone or does the 5s not have VoLTE capabilities at all?
  • You also have to have a phone that does HDvoice in the US. I believe that only starts with the 6 unfortunately. settings--->cellular--->enable LTE--->voice and data
  • This looks correct. This setting is not on my 5S but is on my wife's 6.
  • Ok I have a micro cell in my house if I turn that off and use wi-fi calling will my phone be searching for cell towers the whole time burning though my battery? I get no cell signal in my house at all. Sent from the iMore App
  • The phone should search for the WiFi instead, not the cell tower, if you turn off the mini tower. Also, it shouldn't burn through your battery as the WiFi service should be transparent, and the setting is specifying the device to stop searching for any cell tower if a capable WiFi signal is detected, but I guess is just a matter of trying it out. Good Luck.
  • Thanks!!
  • Not available for accounts without contracts (a.k.a. "go phone" users)
  • So does this mean we get to listen to everyone on the WiFi equipped airplane chatting with their SO's?
  • No, wifi calling won't work in airplane mode. (So if people respect that) You could already do FaceTime audio from a plane, so it's not that different.
  • I can have Wi-Fi calling and be in airplane mode. You have to manually turn Wi-Fi on after going in to airplane mode. Sent from the iMore App
  • Well then something is wrong with my setup, because I can't get it to work in airplane mode. On a 6 and 6s, I talked to at&t and my account is provisioned correctly.
  • Doesn't work for Business accounts either. I tried activating it on mine and didn't let me . Called them and they said Business accounts didn't have the provision yet enabled. I doubt that's true. I have a grandfathered Unlimited International LTE Roaming Data plan. Not sure if that's why.
  • Works good and much better call quality than even good cell calls. Does work in airplane mode but as stated you do have to toggle wifi manually. In order to get my wife's phone provisioned this mourning took 1 hour for the att tech to figure it out but once she did she said her next customer will be like 5 min Sent from the iMore App
  • Anybody know what ports need to be open on a router for this to work. My firewall is blocking it. Sent from the iMore App