"Pink" iPhone Killers, from the folks who brought you "Blue Screens" and "Brown Zunes". Mmm, taste that rainbow... Sigh. Maybe Pink is the XBoxPhone we've always dreamed of. Maybe it really is just a candy-coated Diamond 2 with pop-tart trademarks. Dunno. Nobody does. Giant mystery in puzzle pastry with enigma frosting. Until we know for sure, however, there's no danger in speculating, is there?

WMExperts links to a Wall Street Journal story that makes it seem like something Microsoft and Verizon think could might possibly take on the iPhone with such killer features as "multimedia" and "App Store".

Wow, never heard that one before.

(And really Verizon, you haven't even gotten Apple to go out on a date with you yet and already you're chatting up Microsoft? What happened to your "iPhone Killer" with Nokia...?)

Seriously, isn't it time ya stopped skating to where the puck was?