Attack of the Super iClone: Nokia and Verizon Team Up for 4G iPhone "Killa"

Our newest sibling site, has linked up an article suggesting Nokia and Verizon's previous iClonic efforts were just generations one, and now they're preparing to transform and merge into... A Nokizon (Verkia?) uber-iPhone killer?

It seems that Verizon may have deep hard feelings against the Apple and iPhone exclusivity deal and appears to be making a deal with Nokia to create a 4G LTE (long term evolution) touchscreen device for the US market.

The backstory here is that Apple reportedly went to Verizon first with the iPhone and was rejected, so despite the recent rumors (and Verizon's rather sad little surveys), there's no reason to think Apple will be helping them out any time soon, hence... Vernokiazon?

No word on specs or release dates or whether it will have phaser functionality and arrive on unicorns or anything yet, but in all seriousness, Nokia puts out amazing specs (see the n97) and Verizon has a great network, so is it possible that whatever they put out could join the Android G1, BlackBerry Storm, WinPho 6.5/7, and the Palm Pre in the long list of "iPhone Killers".

[ via TheStreet, thanks to The Reptile for the tip!]

Rene Ritchie

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