Bell Mobility Canada GSM/HSPA Network Goes Live, Brings iPhone With It!

Bell Mobility has just announced that their new GSM/HSPA network, shared with previously-CDMA frenemy Telus, has gone live! What does that mean? Yesterday, Rogers and their Fido subsidiary were the only place to go for Apple's iPhone (or a BlackBerry Bold if that's how you roll). Today -- technically as soon as Telus announces -- you have your choice of 3.5 carriers (Fido is still Rogers).

So this means massive competition, price wars, and huge wins for consumers, right?

Eh... not so much. Like Orange UK, multiple carriers seems only to mean multiple non-competitive pricing plans, as each one wants as much as they can get, and don't feel any pressure to compete -- yet.

Hardware prices are the same, up to $299 for the iPhone 3GS on a 3-year contract, with service plans ranging from $45 for 100 minutes, Fab Five, 500MB, night/weekends 9pm-7am to $95 for 500 min, Fab Five, 2GB, nights/weekends.

(Along with $6.95 system access fee, monthly e911 fee, $2 paper billing option, $35 activation fee, and other nickel and diming...)

If you're planning to hook your iPhone up to Ma (Canadian) Bell, let us know what you think of the pricing, and what you choose!

Rene Ritchie

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