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RIM has just unveiled BlackBerry 6 (yes, single digit just like iPhone OS 4), their latest, greatest mobile operating system and they've got the Blackeyed Peas-strewn video highlight reel to prove it!

As always, our confederates from are all over the WES2010 launch event and bring us back all the BlackBerry 6 highlights:

  • Touchscreen friendly: The preview video makes it clear that BlackBerry 6 will be much more touchscreen friendly than what we have seen in the past from RIM, with new gestures, multitouch support and improved feedback for the user (kinetic scrolling, rubber banding). We've also heard that BlackBerry 6 will work well with non-touchscreen input as well and it looks like it should suit the optical trackpad.

  • Revamped UI and OS/Homescreen Experience: At first quick glance during the video BlackBerry 6 looks familiar, but then all of the new and improved features start to jump out at you... Search from Homescreen, a pull down for notifications (sweet!), pop-up contextual menus, etc.

  • Revamped Native Apps: It's clear that RIM has put a lot of effort into key native apps as well. The inbox and contacts and media apps are all getting updates, and they're looking good.

  • WebKit Browser/Rendering Engine: RIM's new WebKit rendering engine is going to really speed up the web browsing experience while keeping it efficient. The browser gets much-needed features like tabbed browsing.

To us it looks like they've taken the solid BlackBerry messaging experience and tried to expand it with iPhone like music, video, and app abilities. In other words, they're making a serious play for Apple's market. Some of this stuff looks like Apple's 2007 iPhone OS 1 demo of the iPod and Safari app's -- and that's not a critique, Apple still hasn't demoed any messaging equivalent to any BlackBerry from any era. If BlackBerry catches up with web and media, where's Apple on messaging? (Mobile iChat video perhaps?)

There are still problems to be sure; BlackBerry 6 doesn't address their OS' increasingly outdated code base and the new app focus doesn't fix the anemic storage limitations -- but those problems don't yet affect the average user and so really don't exist outside bullet points and blogs.

Apple has revealed most of iPhone OS 4 (see our complete preview and feature walkthrough) and now RIM has show off BlackBerry 6.

Check out the boom, boom pow after the break and let us know what you think, should Apple be worried?