Blackberry Clones iPhone SDK Roadmap Event!

No, it's not Deja Vu. No one has reset the Matrix (we think...) It's just another Apple follow-along. To paraphrase Bertrand Serlet: Waterloo, start your photocopiers!

Not content with merely iCloning the iPhone look with the Bold or touchscreen with the Storm, during the Blackberry Developer Conference today, RIM basically repeated Apple's iPhone SDK Roadmap Event announcements from back in March, note for note.

App Store? Check. Push Notification Service? Gotcha. Integrated Development Environment? Why not! iFund? App-solutely!

Scott Forstall, was that just the sound of you flinging your iPhone 4G through the screen of your 30" DisplayPort Cinema Display? I think it was.

Check out the live blog now at, and if you miss it, they're sure to have all the news and roundups shortly thereafter.

Rene Ritchie

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