BMW adds Napster integration to its iPhone compatible Connected Drive in Europe

BMW car
BMW car (Image credit: BMW)

More and more our mobile devices and services are becoming integrated into our cars, and BMW has announced new support for Napster on their Connected Drive system for European drivers. Connected Drive has data connectivity to pull information from the cloud, and works in tandem with an iPhone which docks into the system. Through this, the car then gains access to all your Napster tracks, controllable on the in-car entertainment system.

Napster may not be the first choice music provider for many, especially in a world of Spotify, Google Music, Rdio, and even the forthcoming iTunes Radio. But, it does serve as another example of how mobile is continuing its expansion into our cars.

Connected Drive is different to something like Apple's iOS in the car, in that BMW's own software does all the heavy lifting, but it seamlessly integrates with supported applications on your iPhone. Both products have their own advantages, but the end result for the consumers is that we're going to be able to use a lot of our favorite services when we hit the road. What would you most like to see integrated in your cars from your iPhone?

via Pocket-lint

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