British retailers pushing Samsung phones rather than recommending the iPhone

British retailers are recommending the Samsung Galaxy S3 more times than any other device according to a mystery shopper survey. The survey showed some retailers offering the iPhone 5 while other manufacturers like Motorola and RIM had little or no presence at all. The survey was carried out by Informa Telecoms and Media who spoke with eight of the top UK retailers.

"The mystery shop showed that the most recommended Samsung handsets were the Galaxy SIII and the Galaxy Note II, despite having been on the market longer than the latest handsets from Apple, Nokia and HTC," said Julian Jest of Informa. "However, most surprising was the way that, despite an in-store advertising campaign and recent product launch, Apple was recommended in only two stores, 3 and Phones 4 U, with both recommending the iPhone 5."

The mystery shopper survey was carried out at John Lewis, Everything Everywhere, O2, 3, Maplins, PC World, Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U. Informa Telecoms and Media believe that the reason behind customer service assistants recommending Samsung phones over the iPhone is purely down to money. Informa believes it was "likely that sales assistants see the Samsung devices as a safe bet to earn greater commissions".

Source: The Telegraph

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  • They learned this from Verizon.
  • Easy the best phone
  • Makes sense to recommend Samsung, they have by far the best two phones on the market in the Note 2 and S3. People are finally seeing Apple's marketing for what it really is. Granted the iPhone 5 is probably the best mid range phone on the market its just not priced that way
  • Can you please tell me what a laggy S3 has over an iPhone 5, besides a bigger screen? And yes, I have owned an S3, and they are laggy.
    iPhone 5 a mid-range phone? Get real.
  • It has a very nice plastic feel that you cannot have on your iPhone. Also it has a mailware addicted OS :D
  • Wow... way to spread false rumours... *rolleyes* I'm assuming you meant to say malware and not "MAILware"... and the virus thing is so blown way out of proportion.
  • Mid-range its probably to much. I hade 2 iPhones now I own an note 2. Far far superior so much that my friends sold thee crapy iPhones to get one.
  • Galaxy S3's are not laggy. Besides the bigger screen size... it runs Android OS which allows you more flexibility in using your phone. You can have the phone set up in a way which suits your needs instead of having a phone which Steve Jobs says is "the way a phone should be" and then you adapt to it.
  • They are good phones, but they are laggy. iPhone 5 is smooth and it is faster than any Android.
  • bigger screen is a negative. As for "setting up the phone" honestly i have no interest in all that. with some exceptions the way ios is set up is how i want it set up. there are some areas i'd change but customization is not an interest for me. Maybe for tweens and techy people it's a bigger deal but to me it's not a positive. Adding, wallpaper is the extent of customization that i need. and i can do that on all phones.
  • The bigger screen is NOT a negative. It is something you will get used to... Before I got a Samsung Galaxy S3 I thought it was really big... but now that I have one it actually seems the perfect size. I keep it in my front pant pocket all the time and don't even notice it because of the thinness. I find it funny how some iPhone users used to swear that 3.5" was the perfect size. Then when the iPhone 5 came out they said THAT was the perfect size and no bigger. But to be honest of people I know that had iPhones and switched to a Samsung Galaxy S3 or Note 2... they all said that after they used their Samsung phone for a while... the iPhone (even the 5) just seemed so tiny to use.
  • It's a massive negative, a bigger screen is bigger phone in my pocket which i don't want. so YES, bigger is a MASSIVE NEGATIVE. It's a nonstarter. Bigger phone means I don't buy cause. I never never swore about any perfect size. I just have had larger phones then 4 inch screens and they are too big. So yeah a larger screen would simply make me leave for a smaller phone. You may like it but EVERYONE doesn't like it. Speak for yourself. And i don't care what somebody's friend thinks. I care about me. And hell go read webosnation. Every post is full of a bunch of people talking about all the people they know love webos an how all their friends look at their palm phones with jealousy. A set of friends is a tiny unrepresentative peer group. nothing more.
  • A US S3? I have an international S3 and there is no lag whatsoever. Even when converting a movie from wmv or avi to mp4 in the background so I can send the movie to my fiance with an iphone 5 who won't be able to view the file withough conversion; there is no lag. Can Ur iPhone do that? Oh wait no multitasking. High end mid range with a hamstrung os stuck in 2007
  • I can send large photos and videos by MMS. Android cannot do that.
  • What do you mean they can't??? I can send photos and videos thru text messages on my Android phone. You are saying things in your posts which make me think you really don't know anything about Android phones.
  • You don't ever get the "file is too large" message? And, I have had more Android phones than you can count, so I know what I'm talking about. I got that message several times when trying to send a 10-second video, or even less, over MMS on Android. No problem with IOS sending any pic or video that I have tried to send.
  • I've taken an 8MP photo and the messaging program may re-size it to send... but it still sends it at a good quality.
  • Yeah, but the iPhone sends it at great quality.
  • I've never had complaints about the quality of photo sent thru MMS on my Samsung.
  • best is subjective. they are good phones to me. i could use them. but it's not perfect and some things i don't like. i don't what a screen over 4 inches so bigger is a negative. interface can be confusing at times and the look is not as nice looking to my eyes as ios. plus not music software to interface with like itunes. And though not horrible, i think the ios store is better. Also there's the fact that if i get an ipad i don't have to rebuy any of my apps. So it's not all bad but better is a matter of taste.
  • Lol a midrange phone with the highest "Quality" display, a faster processor than many of these quad cores with a GPU that still mops the floor with the competition, one of the best cameras on any phone, the most fluid and reliable OS and one of the top battery life ratings of any device. Not to mention the hardware and the integration into the ecosystem it has. Lol a midrange phone.
  • LMBO. Oh conspiracies abound!! Always a reason. lol
  • I know eh? Damn iSheep.
  • To those who say that the SIII is the best phone around at he minute I have to say that I have one.... and it isn't the best phone around for me by a very long way. Don't get me wrong, the SIII is okay, maybe 7/10, but mine is currently laying unused on my desk with call forwarding and I wish I hadn't bought it except it was on a cheap deal as a second phone. At least it's unlocked I guess.
  • it actually has nothing to do with the better phone, or the best device.
    it's profits.
    Apple's deal is HORRIBLE for carriers, why is this never discussed? they try to get a huge cut, more than any other device manufacteur. Why bother pushing it? it will sell on it's own if they push you to it or not. the android handsets have a higher profit margin, so they will push thier reps to push them. They can tell you it's all about "the best device for you" all they want, but I can tell youf or fact that before the iphone 5 came out VZW was giving a bonus to the reps who sold the most 4g phones(no iphone where 4g at this time). they could legitimatley say that they wanted more LTE devices in more hands, but it was a nice way to raise profits on a platform. The sooner Rene and the staff here get honest and stop lying about this fact the sooner youw ill realize that the devices they reccomend has nothing to do with "the best device". I am Former VZW store manager.
  • THIS all the "services" carriers are able to put on the Android devices they sell that they can't put on Apple products, it makes so much more sense for carriers.
  • The Tree is 100% correct. I'm not going into specifics, but its more than just the carriers that "encourage" the sales staff to push android devices over the iPhone. They encourage very well.
  • Well said "The Tree"! People need to stop spreading gossipy stories about why their iPhone isn't the King of the Hill anymore.
  • They can recommend androids all they want. The customers knows what they want and the numbers prove it with Verizon and AT&T selling more iPhones than ever before. People but the bs android phones them realize they don't like the way it work and upgrade to an iPhone when the can. Look at the numbers more people are switching to iPhones from android than vise versa. People tents to stay apple when they go apple.
  • Are you serious? More people are leaving Android to buy iPhones than people leaving iPhones to Android? Where are you getting this garbage from? So many people are leaving iPhones for Samsung products specifically. iPhone marketshare is going down and Android marketshare going up. Get your facts straight.
  • Get your facts straight! This is where the "garbage" is coming from: Looks like IOS is increasing in the U.S., and Android is losing marketshare in the U.S. Read it and weep.
  • This has been happening at retailers around the world since the beginning of time. The neo faux nerds who work there have always been anti-Apple. Ever went to a Best Buy and asked for advice? Unless you get the Apple rep, you'll be pointed in the directions of Windows and Android. It's really pathetic.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a better phone and a better deal that the iPhone. Why wouldn't they recommend the Samsung more? There's a reason why so many people are buying Samsung's now... they make good phones!
  • Can you enlighten me as to why the S3 is better? What can it do that the iPhone can't do? And let's get past the customization part.
  • You know iPhone sucks hard. I can't believe you even ask what s3 can do and iPhone Dasent. I had 2 iPhones and for a wile a switch to android and now I have an note 2. I don't have time to explain you the deference, but the note kills easily iPhone any given time.
  • Please take the time to explain.
  • Really quickly I gotta go : better screen, bigger screen , sd card, you can switch battery, better battery life, multi window,
    Toggles, smart stay, smart rotation, s pen and many more.i mentioned earlyar I owned 2 phones but there are the same phone over and over again. Try note 2 andafter that we can talk :)
  • We were talking about an S3, and you are giving points on the Note 2. iPhone has a better screen, and better battery life. S3 needs a removable battery because of battery life. I don't need toggles, as I keep wifi on, and bluetooth is a couple of clicks away. If you think that it is the same phone over and over again, then that shows just how much you know about iPhones.
  • Ok you are all right. I don't need to know .... about iphones . Enjoy it might need a magnifier :)
  • The S3 and the Note 2 are virtually the same device. The Note 2 is just bigger and comes with the S-Pen.
  • One thing that the Note 2 sucks at is spellcheck, dude........
  • Just change to a keyboard you like then! Yet another thing you can do with Android that you can't with iPhone... lol
  • More people in the U.S.are buying iPhones than ANY other phone. 3/5 on Verizon, and 8/10 on AT&T. There must be a reason.
  • You can do better than stripping on a webcam.
  • This is what makes me laugh about these "surveys"
    They all say they have asked so and so but they don't ask all retailers
    I own a few franchises of one of the stores mentionedwith some business partners and nobody has asked us. And NO, we are not some little corner shop in the middle of knowhere, we have multiple stores located within 6 locations across southern England. They just make up/twist the words/use the info they want to just to dig at apple. And before I get called an apple fan boy, yes I do own an iPhone but I also have a HTC One X and I love them both equally for different reasons Rant over!
  • first, this is weird. I don't see why anyone would ask the opinion of a salesperson. I typically know more about the products i'm shopping for. Second, The Samsungs are good phones. I like my iphone but i'm not a fanboy. I could use an S3 alright. There are some things i find confusing but there are plenty of things in ios i find confusing. Like why when i'm in an app that wants to go to my camera roll, i click it and then i'm in the camera roll, but all of a sudden now i can't do anythink i could do like move or delete photos. No i have to exit the app then load the photo app and then go into the camera roll. I never got that. Especially when it actually opens a different app to let you in the camera roll. but it's a good phone, if it fits people's needs, good for them.
  • Could it be as simple as, we bought too many Samsungs, so push them. If it sits in stock, after a time you are in a sense loosing money.
  • Umm... no
  • OK people the real story here is about Samsung's are being pushed harder than iPhones. It's simple numbers that's all. Carriers get more money by selling Android devices than selling Apple or Windows devices. Sure that may be the case at first, but why is it they almost have to give away these new phones just a few short months after they are introduced? Because Android is getting played out. There are Android phones everywhere, and more flavors than Baskin Robbins. You don't see Apple doing this when a new phone arrives. It stays at its price point until before the new one is released. Sure carriers get a huge cut at Droid phones when first released, but once the price drops, they don't make as much or nothing at all. If you think about it, in the long run they would make more money with iPhones. Also, the carriers are all fighting to carry the iPhone. You don't see this with Android devices. As a side note, iPhones tend to have a better resale value than Android phones, even more so Jailbroken.