Buy an iPhone for $249 & $349

AT&T is currently selling refurbished iPhones in their online store! The 8GB version is going for $249 and the 16GB version is priced at $349. With no iPhones currently in the pipeline over at Apple, this is probably the best bet to get an iPhone online. AT&T has sold iPhones at this price a few time before so I wouldn't look too much into it (read: this is in no way a rumor of Apple & AT&T cleaning out old stock before the imminent release of the 3G iPhone, though by putting this in parenthesis I'm well aware of the possibility).

Either way, $250 for the 8GB is a great deal any way that you spin it. Even if the new iPhone is forthcoming, you might be able to unlock it and pawn it off on the gray market. Or, you can keep (gasp) the soon-to-be old iPhone before everyone realizes AT&T's 3G network is not all the way there yet and that metal is greater than plastic.

As always, these puppies are available while supplies last. So what are you doing here still? Click the Read Link and buy!

UPDATE: Looks like they disappeared/sold out! Sorry if you missed the boat!

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  • I'd count this to at&t trying to get as much as they can out of the current iPhone before the 3G iPhone plummets sales of the old one. I'd wait for a massive price drop, maybe sub $200 after the release of the 3G iPhone.
  • It says it requires 2 year contract required to be purchased along with it. Anyone know if they actually enforce that?
  • I called AT&T customer service because their website would not allow me to upgrade my existing phone to one of the refurbished iphone. After holding for serveral minutes for the CSR to locate the refurbished iphone on the public website (because she couldn't find it in her own system), she told me the reason it did not give me the option to upgrade to a refurbished iphone is that they are only available to new customers... She also said "there are better phones" and "I wouldn't sign a new contract for a refurbished phone". For some reason, I don't think she knew what she was talking about.
  • Getting 8GB for $249 and 16GB for $349 is a great deal.
  • havent u all heard, the refurbished iphones are off every at&t and apple website
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