PhoneArena (via Engagdget) was sent a tip that Best Buy has 3 mysterious new product SKU's listed in their system as "PROJECT CHARLIE". Why is this important and what does it have to do with iPhones?

ZOMG! We're 3 weeks before WWDC here people! Everything is iPhone!

Okay, in all fairness, Best Buy is one of the very few big iPhone retailers (aside from Apple, AT&T, and Walmart) and even if they have no direct info from Apple, they could be prepping themselves for a similar launch as last year (iPhone 3G in 8GB, 16GB Black, and 16GB white).

But for the Lost fans among us -- 3 SKUs, for the 3rd gen iPhone, 3 weeks before WWDC and iPhone OS 3.0? Cue creepy music

UPDATE: Our friend Phil over at WMExperts, throws in a plot twist: what if they're new Windows Phones?!