Best Buy sells almost as many iPhones as Apple store, AT&T and Verizon sell way more than both

A survey of iPhone shoppers from December last year through February, reveals that 13% had bought their iPhones from Best Buy, while 15% had purchased theirs directly from Apple. Of course, carriers brought in the lion's share of sales; AT&T sold to 32% of those surveyed, Verizon claimed 30%, and Sprint a less-than-impressive 7%. The survey, conducted by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, also showed that online stores only accounted for 24% of sales, with regular brick-and-mortar establishments taking up the remaining 76%.

It's not entirely surprising to see Best Buy doing well selling iPhones, since there are a ton of locations, but you would think Apple retail stores would have a bigger proportion of sales then they do; of all of the places to buy an iPhone, an Apple store is without a doubt the nicest (if not always the most convenient to get to). That said, I would be curious to see how many new iPads Best Buy sold in relation to Apple stores.

Where did you guys get your iPhones? Would you have rather bought it somewhere else?

Source: AllThingsD

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