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Can Apple Penetrate the Enterprise Market?

Carl Weinschenk from ITBusinessEdge calls the iPhone a "Milestone in Business Mobility". But can Apple really lure corporate customers with what is clearly a consumer play? I don't see that happening. iPhone is, by design, an entertainment device...not a business oriented mobile productivity tool like the Treo or Blackberry. It would be nice to see the IT world embrace such a lavish smartphone, but it's going to take much more than style and software elegance to dislodge Blackberry.


  • This has every chance of being popular in these spaces (business/enterprise) because just because your a business employee, doesn't mean that media options are wasted or unwanted, I see these as a bonus in the space. The iPhone has all the facilities that you would want for an enterprise mobile device with the option of taking new MacOS software and widgets. Of course, with all enterprise devices, it can come down to security. I'm not sure how the Apple iPhone stacks up in this area.
    Simply, a mobile that operates more user oriented and human friendly means that the device is going to make you more productive on the phone. At the end of the day, isn't that what counts?
  • Apple is set to make a big push into corporate market. I know this for a fact. They will be successful. iPhone much better device all around then Blackberry. With the mass going to iPhone, many corporations will begin to adapt.
  • can you empathize why is an iphone an entertainment device? i use it for schedule/calendar my college/work activities, assignments, notes.. etc
  • Do you like mini iPad or a big one?
  • @LuiPr, you don't need an iPhone to do calendar and notes, you do need an iPhone to do those and listen to music and watch video and play games on one device. Hence it's at least partial entertainment device despite everyones best attempt to make out like they 'need' one for work etc.