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Celebspotting: Megan Fox with an iPhone

Pardon us while we forget how civilized, non-misogynistic, and enlightened owning an iPhone has made us. The iPhone gets to our caveman brain -- we're as helpless staring at the iPhone as a neanderthal staring at fire. Other things that get us in that same primitive gadget zone: Star Wars and that recent Transformers move (which, except for that Shia guy, was good times).

What we're getting at here is that while we may not have as many celeb sightings as our friends, when we get one we make it count, friends, we make it count Tri-Fecta style. Megan Fox of Transformers fame + iPhone + retro Star Wars T-Shirt is worth five hundred janky Paris Hilton CrackBerry sightings.

Let's do this some more -- send in your Celeb iPhone sightings to

[original source, slightly NSFW]

  • I wish i owned Megan Fox.
    Or maybe just that she would be spotted with me.
  • Countdown to total interwebs geeksposion in 3.. 2..
  • (and multi-touch "humor" galore, 'natch...)
    OH.... DEAR.... GOD.....
  • Geeeezus. Touché. Damn. Errrr. Mmmmm. Ohhhhh. Ahhhh. Gotta Go!
  • Megan Fox.... you complete me...
    Note I love how this pic is perfectly sized for an iPhone wallpaper... Yoinks! I'll take that!
    New Wallpaper! woohooo!
  • That chick is a robot created by men... There is just no other explanation for her....
    That aside, why does everyone hate Shia so much? I don't get it.
  • Must.... think..... about..... wife!
  • I hate Shia because I feel like he's being fluffed by marketers to become the next 'it' guy when, really, he's not that compelling.
  • Gotcha
  • mean she is holding a phone??
    Oooooh yeah....NOW I see it.
  • I couldn't agree with you more, Dieter. Seems like a nice kid, but kinda goofy. Maybe he's being groomed as a Tom Hanks replacement? He has the hair...
  • Honestly i don't really mind that he is being groomed... let it happen. Whatever you know? He really has done a fine job in his movies though... and Indy 4? i thought he did an awesome job. I loved it!
    @Scott -........ LOL!!!!
  • Whew. I need a shower.
  • I looked all over this picture and all I could see was.......
    damn, she's fine isn't she?
    Can't they just clone her and get it over with..? :D
  • She probably has a black and white to match her outfit.
    But please help out this new iPhone 3G Forum and Blog.They are a serious site and even giving away an iPhone 3G. Just go register and make a few posts, see how ya like it. It will go a long way
  • here is the site:
  • DROOOOOL. I wish I had that iphone...
  • The guys over at even gave a great big front page nod to this pic, can't say I blame them. I'm not even an iPhone owner (rocking a BB Curve, waiting for the Bold launch)but I'm leaving a message just to say, "Job well don!"
  • Yea, the phone, That's the ticket.. or err umm I mean I think that Darth Vader is in "Prime" postion :-P yeah Darth Vadser, now that's the ticket..
  • Guys, Guys, Guys......easy now. She is just a girl. A very skinny girl who needs to eat a brownie or two. There really are girls like this out there in the world if you would just quit fondling your iPhones in private maybe you could meet one too? Maybe she will have an iPhone too and you can canoodle with each other while comparing phones.....OR maybe she'll have a Blackberry Bold and then you would realize that she is WAAAAY out of your league? You never know unless you get out there and see. Now get to it! Oh, and leave the Star Wars reunion costumes at home. Save them for your D & D buddies.
  • Wow she can now definitly go under the catagory: "Perfect"
    It's just a shame that it's proberly not a 3G iPhone, just an old one with an ugly cover, seriously the covers for the iphone damage the phone more than protecting it. Well the covers i have tried does anyway.
  • the only thing that could make this pic better is a blackberry bold in her hand instead of that horrible iphone
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  • lol, Megan Fox is so hot!