Celebspotting: Megan Fox with an iPhone

Pardon us while we forget how civilized, non-misogynistic, and enlightened owning an iPhone has made us. The iPhone gets to our caveman brain -- we're as helpless staring at the iPhone as a neanderthal staring at fire. Other things that get us in that same primitive gadget zone: Star Wars and that recent Transformers move (which, except for that Shia guy, was good times).

What we're getting at here is that while we may not have as many celeb sightings as our CrackBerry.com friends, when we get one we make it count, friends, we make it count Tri-Fecta style. Megan Fox of Transformers fame + iPhone + retro Star Wars T-Shirt is worth five hundred janky Paris Hilton CrackBerry sightings.

Let's do this some more -- send in your Celeb iPhone sightings to news@theiphoneblog.com

[original source, slightly NSFW]

Dieter Bohn