CEOh-Snap Daily Double! Palm's McNamee Hurts iPhone but Hearts Mac

No sooner did we report the outlandish statement from Palm backer Elevation Partners head-geek Roger McNamee that come June, every iPhone 2G owner would ditch the platform and AT&T to become Pre-verts on Sprint, than our sibling site went and updated.

Seems McNamee thinks iPhone Mobile Safari ain't all that, compared to the Pre (even though the Pre uses Apple's open-source WebKit foundation -- which we know comes from KHTML/Konquerer...):

"Our product is just going to run rings around them on the web. If you want to go the web, it's going to be a million time faster, well, not a million times, several times faster and that's a huge deal for most people."

Really? And since Sprint can't do simultaneous voice and data, the minute you answer a call, your speed drops to zero. How much faster is that?

Apparently, however, McNamee's hurt turns to heart for Apple's Mac platform:

I've been an apple fan for years and I would never use any other kind of computer!

Bulletin: Some may just feel the same about the iPhone, b'okay Roger? See the whole crash-and-burn on video at Bloomberg...

Rene Ritchie

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