CEOh-Snap! Palm's Rubinstein, Father of the iPod, Says He's Never Used an iPhone

Did Palm's Joe Rubinstein say he's never, not once ever touched an Apple iPhone. Not in 2.5 years. Not one? According to Digital Daily, that's just exactly what he said.

Now we don't think everyone has to have at least tried an iPhone, but when you're the CEO of another smartphone company these days, especially when you're a CEO who came from Apple, where you were the "father of the iPod"... frankly we have a hard time believing this is anything other than a misquote or misinterpretation of what he said. Even though there's doesn't seem to be much room for either --

“We don’t pay that much attention to Apple….I know it sounds really strange,” says Rubinstein.“Really?” Kara replies. “You don’t worry about the iPhone?”“No, I really don’t,” Rubinstein answers.“I don’t believe you,” says Kara, telegraphing a sentiment I imagine is widely held among the audience.Rubinstein: “I don’t have an iPhone. I’ve never even used one.”I think I just heard Palm’s entire PR team audibly groan.

According to Gizmodo, he lacks the Sun Tzu. Our guess? He's got an iPod touch.

Rene Ritchie

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