Charge your iPhone, your Android phone, and more with the same cable!

If you have multiple devices that need to be charged, you know just how messy it can be having different cables lying around your house. They get tangled so easily and sometimes are even easy to misplace in the cord chaos. You need to control your cables a little better and reduce the amount of messy cords you have in your life.

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You could spend money on a cable management system, but those are expensive and just treat a symptom of the actual disease. You need less cables and more money in your wallet. Relax. iMore Digital offers is here to help.

The 3-in-1 USB C. Lightning, and microUSB cable is the only cable you'll ever need to charge your devices again! With this one cable you can charge and iPhone, a Android device, and even a pair of Bluetooth headphones without have to switch cables.

No more reaching in a drawer to find the right cable and pulling out hundreds all wrapped in a ball, the 3-in-1 USB C. Lightning, and microUSB cable does ti all!

Right now you can get the 3-in-1 USB C. Lightning, and microUSB cable for only $9.99 and that's not all! If you use the coupon code IOS11 upon check out, you'll receive an additional 11% off the price!

What are you waiting for? Get the one cable you really need and stop worry about losing cables or get tangled in a jungle of cords today!

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