Charlie Miller to Demonstrate iPhone SMS Hack at Black Hat Conference Today

UPDATE: Some folks are telling is that this is an iPhone 2.2.1 exploit already patched in

Almost a month ago we linked to an Engadget report on Charlie Miller and his SMS exploit for the iPhone. Well, today is the day he intends to show it off at the Black Hat conference.

Thanks to some last minute media attention, however, the general iPhone user base seems to be getting a tad nervous. And rightly so. We've said it before and we'll say it again, in an ideal world, NSA expert come iHacker Charlie, who's claim to current fame is using Mac exploits to win Pwn2own contests and free laptops, would work with companies like Apple and Microsoft (yes, it looks like Windows Mobile has an exploit as well), and those companies would patch the exploits as immediately as possible, before any "research" was publicly disclosed and any bad guys decided to use them as attack vectors.

TiPb will update post-Miller's Black Hack disclosure, and hopefully Apple will roll the security fix into a quick 3.0.2 firmware release, or hurry 3.1 out of the gate.

Rene Ritchie

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