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What you need to know

  • February was one of the worst months for iPhone shipments in China. Ever.
  • The rebound has begun just a month later.
  • Apple shipped 2.5 million iPhones.

After a February that was one of its worst-ever in China, Apple's iPhone shipments are already on the rebound according to reports. 2.5 million iPhones were shipped during the month of March.

Following a torrid February at the hands of coronavirus which saw the closure of stores and factories, China is starting to come out the other side as the rest of the world struggles to deal with a pandemic. Part of China's recovery is its phone sales and while numbers are still down considerably on 2019, they're going in the right direction as noted by Reuters.

Mobile phone shipments in China in March totalled 21 million units, according to data from the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), a government think tank.

That was a more than three-fold increase from February, yet still down roughly 20% compared with March 2019.

As for Apple, the 2.5 million number is a huge increase on the 500,000 it shipped in February.

Apple's Greater China stores are now open, but stores around the rest of the world remain closed in an effort to help with the social distancing initiatives in place.