Chrome for iOS updated with fullscreen mode for iPhone and printing support

Google Chrome for iOS has been updated with some new enhancements, including fullscreen mode, printing, and the normal stability improvements and bug fixes. iPhone users can activate the new fullscreen mode by scrolling down through a page, causing the toolbar to disappear. The toolbar will reappear when you scroll back up. Fullscreen mode does not appear to be available for the iPad at this time.

Users can now print from both the iPad and iPhone versions of Chrome using either Google Cloud Print or AirPrint. Simply tap the menu in Chrome and select “Print...” and you will be given a list of options. If you select Google Could Print, in addition to being given a list of available printers, you will also have the option to save the page to your Google Drive as a PDF.

Do you use Chrome on iOS? If so, grab the update and tell us what you think of the new features.

Joseph Keller

Joseph Keller is the former Editor in Chief of iMore. An Apple user for almost 20 years, he spends his time learning the ins and outs of iOS and macOS, always finding ways of getting the most out of his iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.

  • They should give us an option for the toolbar being there or not.
  • is it real fullscreen?
  • Close enough for me :P.
  • I used chrome for about a day before deleting it. It had some nice features, but what I notice the most is the speed difference. Safari may not be the best browser, but it is fast and consistent.
  • Yay for the full-screen mode! Updating now... Probably not gonna use print though.
  • Is it running WebKit still. I assume so or apple would not let it in. I want to see the browser with the new engine once available.
  • I've been told that it will only reach Android users. Due to Apple having such a strong hold on their Apple Store, no way in hell it will reach the App Store. Shame.
  • I think it will be a decent chunk of time before we see chrome largely detach itself from webkit since it is using it as the root for their new engine. But I also look forward to it. :D
  • This is great news! Much needed update. Thanks for the heads up!
  • Found it adorable it asked me to verify my age to download this app. heh.
  • Having downloaded the update, I find the full-screen mode pretty underwhelming. For those wondering how it works, the URL bar remains at the top of the webpage until you start scrolling down, at which point it disappears. Unfortunately, even if you scroll up a bit, it immediately appears once again, at which point you need to scroll down for it to disappear. Much prefer Apple's landscape "Full-Screen" mode to this.
  • Have been pretty satisfied with what Safari has offered on my iPad. It is quite slick and fast. Any advantages Chrome has over Safari?
  • Have been pretty satisfied with what Safari has offered on my iPad. It is quite slick and fast. Any advantages Chrome has over Safari?
  • I like the save a web page as a PDF in your gdrive folder feature.
  • This runs great (i5), especially in combination with Nitrous (so you can use apple's javascript engine). Default browser for me.
  • Nice innovations coming out of Google but I can't seem to get myself to change my default usage to their apps over Apple ones because of Google's "creep" factor. Hard to trust them when their interests aren't aligned users' interests. But I want to able to take advantage of their innovations.
  • I would like it to be like safari where if i hold it horizontally it automatically goes full screen unless I pull it down to see the URL bar. I do like safari a lot but tabs right now is way better on chrome. Hopefully iOS 7 will have better tabs.