I've been using a leather case on my iPhone 7 Plus since launch day. I love the contrasting look of a super industrial, almost cold feeling item being wrapped in an organic, warm material. Some of the best leather case options on the market today are made by Nomad. We've partnered with the California-based accessory maker to bring Thrifter readers an exclusive 30% discount on its entire leather case lineup, including the new Midnight Blue colorway. Prices start at just $27.97 with free shipping when you enter coupon code THRIFTER30 at checkout.

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All 3 styles leverage USA-sourced Horween leather for a finish that ages beautifully. I prefer Nomad's regular leather case to the official Apple option because instead of having an open bottom, it wraps around the corners and around the speakers for added protection. Nomad's leather folio wallet and case wallet styles are ideal for anyone trying to move away from carrying a traditional wallet.

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