Colbert Threatdown: iPhone Kills! + Zune... Does Nothing

(US IP's only, Canadians can check it out here at 10:00 in. If any international readers can provide additional localized links in the comments, it would be appreciated!)

Attention iPhone users! When Steve Jobs admitted the iPhone had a "kill switch", everyone thought it was just industry jargon for disabling potentially malicious applications. Everyone but noted fake-news anchor and iPhone luster, Stephen Colbert, who says this makes the iPhone the #1 threat: "Your iPhone Can Kill You." His solution? "A Zune can't kill you... or do anything else."

Colbert's stare down with a Facebook and AIM sporting 3G is classic, complete with a subtle nod to one of this year's... er... least comprehensible iPhone appearances in film....

(via Engadget)

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