Comic: Button-Free iPhones?

i do not want an iphone without a home button. i trust apple to get it right.

you trust apple to make a totally button-free device? it worked with airpods!

siri, press the home button. Im not sure what you said there.

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Rich Stevens

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  • Didn't apple learn their lesson with the disaster that was the buttonless iPod shuffle, buttons are a useful thing.
  • Buttons certainly have their place. They are much easier to find in the dark or when you don't want to look at the screen. In some instances, this will be a deal breaker. For example, I refused to buy the button-less shuffle because I use those types of devices while running and don't want to hassle of looking at the mp3 player and trying to find the skip area on a touch screen.
  • Very nice. Also, kidding aside, I believe that this year, I'm going to do the 7s plus and give it a year for any potential issues or shortcomings with all the "newness" to be ironed out.
  • I'm wondering how it will work. They'll need a soft button, since you can't force press the back of the phone easily.