Comic: The Great iPhone Slowdown

i knew it! apple admitted they slow down old iphones. i guess thats technically true. its not the years

they want to force you to buy a new one! they did it to make old phones last longer. its the charging cycles.

uhh...of course they did!

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Rich Stevens

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  • The amount of spin... That does not keep people happy. People would be happy if the phone did what they wanted. Give the choice. SOME would be happy with battery life, SOME would be happy with speed. Apple messed up on this one, and I don't think the spin works. It's Apple's mindset to think "we know better than you" but hopefully this will bite them enough to stop thinking that.
  • I'm on a bunch of different sites. They did it to make their iphones and ipads last while using them instead of having to be recharged every hour or two. Android fanboys are calling it a sham to make people upgrade. But the thing is, those android phones only last an hour or two on battery anyways.'s nothing new to them. Once I notice my phone slowing down, I will replace the battery and all will be good again!.
  • It's not the fact that Apple have been slowing the devices down to preserve battery life, doing so is a very useful feature to have. The issue here is that Apple did it without telling their customers. Many people would have spent several hundred of their local currency to replace a slow phone thinking it was reaching the end of its life, when they could have just replaced the battery for a fraction of the price.
  • Pro Tip: When aiming for intellectually dishonest, pick something that isn't so flagrantly untrue. This will make it harder for people to call you out.
  • What’s more dishonest here... The enirely plausible hypothesis that people thought they needed a new phone, or...
    Tampering with people’s phones with grossly insufficient transparency and without permission. I’ll wait....
  • #clueless
  • Apple never said they are slowing down IPhone CPU, the said they released the feature ‘to smooth out the instantaneous peaks only when needed’. This is huge difference in interpretation when lawyers will come in game and is something completely different from what people have in mind saying they’re iPhones got slow. Instantaneous peak have very little to do with general iPhone performance and this is something Apple centric blogs and portals failed to explain. I guess only Penzarino mentioned that this feature will not affect general performance.
  • So if its such a wonderful feature that no one would ever want the option to disable it, then why isn't it active on iphone 8 and X? Seems even new phone owners could benefit from a slow down if it meant a few extra hours between charges.
  • I'd welcome the option. Samsungs have long allowed the user to reduce the performance of the CPU, screen resolution, dark mode etc which can lead to several days of battery life (I managed to get an S7 Edge to last the entirety of a 5 day music festival without an extra charge).
  • Your logical and rational thinking has no place here, lol