Comic: iPhones Without Touch ID?

what if they put it on the back? sure, but apple would never do that. jony got back

why not? the same reason ios doesnt mix widgets and apps on the homescreen. heresy!

because apple loves simplicity? because android did it first. hey, no fair

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Rich Stevens

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  • Did... Did that just call Apple out? Nice. I mean, FireFox had the "bravery" to say Chrome's tabs at the top made sense, so why can't Apple? I'd say the Nexus/Pixel placement would be best, not Samsung's S8 next to the camera nonsense.
  • Burn… That said, if Apple had widgets on the home screen, it would mean two things: 1. How I use Copied (clipboard app) would be different. 2. How you access them while locked and unlocked would be different. 3. It would likely increase battery usage. I would like something widget-like or live-tile like on the home screen, but I would not want to lose the current widget system. It's too useful.
  • It's funny because a very basic "live tile" system already exists, it's just solely on the Calendar and Clock apps. The Calendar icon updates to show the date, and the Clock icon updates to show the time (this one is more visible), so there's logic already in there to implement it
  • Wow you actually called Apple out for once. Bravo.