The Competition: BlackBerry to Get iPhone-Class Web Browser... Next Summer

Our fearless friend, CrackBerry Kevin has been watching videos again and this time the take away has him happy: analysts who might be "in the know" say RIM may be fixing their infamously buggered browser by "next summer".

While the iPhone uses the mobile version of the Apple-supported WebKit rendering engine, as does Palm's Pre, Google's Android, and some Nokia devices, RIM has thus far been content to roll their own rendered -- with JavaScript turned off by default. No word on whether RIM will turn to WebKit or stick with the custom code, but it does look like the analysts are at least saying they'll address some of the major gripes.

Our take? If RIM is serious about becoming a world-class web experience, Apple better get just as serious about matching them on messaging.

Rene Ritchie

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