Computerworld is rumoring that Apple's allegedly-to-be-announced-January-27th iTablet/iSlate will run on Verizon's CDMA network according to... an analysts sources (!)

"The tablet will be supported by multiple [mobile] carriers," said Brian Marshall of Broadpoint AmTech, citing unnamed sources he said were close to the situation. "Verizon and others," he continued. "Definitely Verizon. I've been told that's a certainty."

Meanwhile, AppleInsider quotes another analyst who says, when it comes to the iPhone, Apple and Verizon can't see eye-to-eye on pricing. Control-freaks the both of them, no one is yet blinking:

Currently, it is estimated that Apple gets a favorable $700 average selling price per iPhone, subsidized through exclusive carrier AT&T. Compare that with the ASP of the Motorola Droid, exclusive to Verizon, which costs an estimated $450 per sale.

Also, combined CDMA/GSM chips, which would let the iPhone run on both Verizon and GSM carriers like AT&T and most of the rest of the world, aren't likely to be ready until the second half of 2010.

Hey, maybe Verizon will get a CDMA iTablet, but it can also be perpetually tethered to an AT&T/GSM iPhone! Sound off in the comments!