Contest winners: Movies HD, Frequencies for iPhone, Run Roo Run, New Year Diet Month, and System Monitor!

If there's one thing iMore loves even more than iPhones and iPads, it's giving cool iPhone and iPad accessories and apps to our awesome readers. This week we have...

Case-Mate Barely There Brushed Aluminum case for iPhone

  • Paul Costello


System Monitor with Battery Max

  • Brecht
  • Brian Scholder
  • Derek Scott
  • gooner21
  • heatwave316
  • Jorge Diaz
  • midnght69
  • pst
  • Roger Reid
  • smmiami

Movies HD for iPad

  • Delano
  • Jason Vick
  • John
  • RevTucher
  • snowbutterfly

Frequencies for iPhone

  • Austin
  • Enzo83
  • Jimny
  • Ray Norris
  • suzannesstud

Run Roo Run HD for iPad

  • Cuilo
  • Douse
  • Eric
  • josh
  • Songsak

New Year Diet Month

  • Allen
  • enlightened
  • Paul Bunzey
  • Steven
  • Zarrar

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