Craziest iPhone Rumors Yet -- With Flowers and Fluffy Bunnies!


The WWDC Keynote is tomorrow. Phil Schiller and Apple Execs take the stage as Moscone to update us on iPhone 3.0 and -- hopefully! -- announce iPhone 2,1 hardware (iPhone video in the latest rumors).

Makes sense that them rumors then would be hitting the high point of crazy today? By way of iSpazio (via Gizmodo), we get the above shot of a supposed iPhone with Mobile iChat video (is that why the ear piece has been raised up, to make room for the camera?), a two-tone iPhone, and the mother load of all whacky leaks:

A supposed Canadian source with inventory listings for -- we kid you not -- multicolor 64GB iPhones with flowers and bunnies on them. Yeah, somebody is having a little fun there in data entry... But here's the thing:

Make. It. Stop.

Seriously Phil.

Announce it tomorrow. The insanity must end...

(At least until speculation for 2010 starts!)

Rene Ritchie

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