Have some musical talent, think you can remix Marimba -- the default iPhone ringtone -- into a kickass anthem to take our iPhone Live podcast into 2012 and beyond, and want to win about $200 in cash and prizes? Oh yeah, it's on!

Are you ready to kill it? Good. Here’s what you need to do to enter:

  • Watch the video up top.
  • Go out and mix and/or remix us (copyright-free sources only!) a new theme song for iPhone Live!
  • Record it and upload it to YouTube as a video response to the contest video below (you don't need any actual video, just audio is fine!)
  • Remember, no copyrighted material!
  • Paste the link for the video in the comments below so we can make sure we find it!

We’ll pick our favorite, most rocking, most iPhonetastic theme as the winner, you'll give us creative commons (or similarly workable) license to use it on our show, and we'll give you a fabulous prize pack including:

That’s over $200 in prizes, and we reserve the right to ad more, so what are you waiting for? Watch the video and get to work on the best dang theme music for the best dang iPhone podcast on the planet. NAO!