And cue the iPhone HD/iPhone 4G on Sprint rumors

With the iPhone HD/iPhone 4G just around the corner and all the talk about AT&T finally losing exclusivity, it only stands to reason rumors of Sprint getting the device would also start to grow louder.

Just like with Verizon and even T-Mobile's funky GSM bands, we're sure Apple could technologically do it, but whether or not they could come to financial terms -- and more important when is less predictable. Sprint isn't doing as well as Verizon or AT&T, however, so they might be far more open to the type of control Apple would insist upon to get the deal done.

If it does happen, count us among those who think a WWDC 2010 announcement is less likely, with AT&T getting a short period of exclusivity with Apple's 4th generation iPhone, and other US carriers coming online in the fall, red, yellow, and perhaps even magenta all.

And if not, hey, Sprint's still got that commercial -- re-embedded below the break -- to tide them over.


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Rene Ritchie

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