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Dad and Son Send iPhone To Space!

A Brooklyn father/son team decided to do a little science experiment involving an iPhone, an HD camera, a weather balloon, and a takeout box.  Their goal was to capture footage of space.  And they did.  Space and our atmosphere can be pretty harsh, so they put hand warmers on the interior of the ramped up takeout box to insulate the iPhone and camera from the unbelievably cold temperatures and 150 mph winds.

The helium balloon made the journey upwards and made it about 19 miles (100,000 feet) before finally popping due to the low pressure.  You can hear some audio interference as well (partly due to the iPhone trying to acquire a GPS signal).  After popping, the device made its journey back towards the Earth at an amazing 150 mph even with a parachute attached!

They'd attached a note inside offering a reward for whoever found it to return it, but surprisingly, they caught a GPS signal and found the package in a tree about 30 miles away from the original launch site.  Hit the jump for an awesome video showing the black sky above the atmosphere!

[Brooklyn Space Program via NY Mag]

Homemade Spacecraft (opens in new tab) from Luke Geissbuhler (opens in new tab) on Vimeo (opens in new tab).

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  • Umm ok. Not sure why they needed the iPhone for this.
  • I saw this video about a month ago and still think it's one of the best videos I've seen.
  • @ww2_honor: Umm.. maybe because that's the phone they had/wanted to use? Who gives a damn. This video is awesome.
  • What an incredibly cool project...not to mention an incredibly cool dad! Wow! That's the best thing I've seen all day! Congratulations on a successful mission! :)
  • Nitpicker mode on: not space, but into the lower reaches of the stratosphere. It would take another several hundred miles before this would qualify as space, and a balloon almost by definition cannot get out of the atmosphere.
    Nitpicker mode off: still very damn cool.
  • Wonder what the data charge was.
  • They finished borrowing Gods iPhone.
  • I wouldn't think something like this would even be possible. That's insane stuff.
  • Awesome video.
  • Congrats...JUST F***ING AMAIZING GUYS!!! NEVER seen something like this, NEVER thought it would be possible...NASA should hire you immediately!
  • Now that was cool!!
  • Very cool home experiment
  • @Ww2_honor- the iPhone was obviously used as a tracking device to locate the fallen package. Think things over a bit before commenting.
  • Great Job Guys!!!
    Fantastic home project and video.
    One minor clarification though, 19 miles up is not considered space. Although, there is no official boundary, it is typically considered to be at 100km, about 62 miles. Still an amazing job though.
  • this is awesome...people will be rude no matter what...especially when they hide behind thier computer to do it...amazing work guys..
  • Nice! What a great experience! And the used the iPhone as a tracking device! Did they use mobile me to find it??? How cool is that!!!!
  • 3 thumbs up!!!
  • Very nice. Should win an award for something. Will never forget this one.
  • Okay, my guess is they used iPhone for:
    1. HD video capability ( although my Samsung Galaxy Android does this as well)
    2. GPS able, and works with something like MobileMe to locate it.
    3. The drive-by media would headline it as yet another 'marvy' thing the magical iPhone can do.
    4. They have an iPhone.
    Great video/project! Have to wonder if his succeeded 1st try, or if not, how many phones were damaged, also, do you need permissions, clearances to launch a weather balloon?
  • Absolutely amazing!!!!
  • This is so AWESOME! What a cool dad. I only have a 1 yr old, but I could be this creative and cool for my son. It is just plain cool.
  • Amazing video and definite very cool project!!!!
  • I was under the impression the iPhone was for tracking the GPS tracker and HD vid cam from earth not that they actually sent an iphone into space.
  • Awe inspiring! Great creativity!
  • This is a hoax perpetrated by our soon to be fembot overlords. (overladies??)
  • nice job its soo!! cool
  • nice soo cool