When Amazon announced their Cloud Drive and Cloud Player music services earlier this week they didn't mention whether or not it would work on the iPhone, or any other iOS device for that matter. While there's no app (yet?) and the full site doesn't seem to want to work on Mobile Safari, playback works just fine on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch via Apple's built-in Quicktime X Player through Mobile Safari. Just hit the jump to find out how it's done!

To get started, first visit www.amazon.com/clouddrive and log in to access your free 5GB of storage. From there you can upload music files in MP3 or AAC format for playback on virtually any device with a web browser.

I've gone ahead and uploaded a few of my favorite tunes to test playback on my iPhone 4. Just follow these simple steps to get the service running on your own iDevice:

  1. Open Mobile Safari and navigate to Amazon's Cloud Drive website here, then select the Music folder on the left navigation menu.
  2. Choose the song you'd like to play by selecting the checkbox next to the track name.
  3. Tap 'Download' above the track selection list.
  4. Put in your earbuds and enjoy the streaming music!

As I mentioned before, Safari won't actually download and store the MP3 to your iPhone, but will instead launch the built-in Quicktime player for streaming playback. The drawback here is that you can only play one song at a time and must go through the steps for each track you'd like to hear. Additionally, Amazon doesn't have Cloud Drive set up for the iPhone specifically, so navigating the service directly from your iPhone isn't an enjoyable experience to say the least.

But, as demonstrated, playback works perfectly on any iOS device. Let us know if you plan on using Amazon's new service or if you'd rather hold out for a more elegant option from Apple, and as always post any issues you run into in the comments below!

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