No Album Artwork on iPhone Lockscreen

If you like to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch, then you'll understand where I'm coming from when I say those who jailbreak also like to customize just about every aspect of their iDevice. Whether it's theming, modding or tweaking, we like things to be different to separate ourselves from the flock.

One of the things I hate about stock iOS is the way album art is always displayed on the lockscreen whenever playing music or listening to podcasts. I'd rather look at the wallpaper I've assigned to my lockscreen rather than some ugly album art, so in this tip we're going to show you how to get rid of it after the jump!

First you'll have to jailbreak your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad if you haven't already done so. Ally has some great how-to articles going over the jailbreak process using Greenpois0n, Limera1n and PwnageTool to help get you started (4.1), as well as a rundown of the current state of jailbreaking your iOS device past 4.1.

We're going to show you how this is done on a Windows-based machine and from the device itself, but there are similar SSH tools out there for Mac users as well. Before getting started, you'll need to download WinSCP and also make sure you have OpenSSH installed on your jailbroken iPhone. You'll also need the device connected to the same WiFi network as your PC for SSH purposes. Once you're ready to go, just follow these quick steps:


  1. Make sure SSH is turned ON from your iDevice before continuing. You can turn SSH on/off via an SBSettings toggle if installed.

  2. Start WinSCP. Upon loading WinSCP you'll be asked to input the IP address, login and password for the device you're attempting to SSH into. To find the IP address of your iPhone, go into the settings app under WiFi and select the network you're connected to. The default login/password will be root/alpine unless you've changed it manually.

  3. Once you've successfully SSH'd into the device, navigate to /System/Library/SpringboardPlugins and locate the folder titled 'NowPlayingArtLockscreen.bundle'. Rename this folder to 'NowPlayingArtLockscreen.bundle.backup' or something similar so the system no longer recognizes it

  4. Respring your iDevice to see the changes take effect.

That's it! Now you'll no longer see album art displayed on the lockscreen when music or podcasts are playing!


Bonus Tip: Cut out the need for a PC or Mac by installing iFile on your iPhone or iPod Touch! iFile will allow you to navigate the iOS file system and make changes to files or folders, among other things. Farbod chose iFile for his App Pick of the Week recently and went over some of the other great functionality of this app, so be sure and check it out! To make the change using iFile, just launch the app and navigate to the path mentioned in step 3 to make the appropriate changes to the required folder. iFile is available in the Cydia Store for $4.

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