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DearMob, a software provider with 9 million installations of its free media player, 5KPlayer, has been also focused on providing a more versatile iOS data backup and management solution based on Mac and windows OS. In comparison with both iTunes and iCloud backup solutions, what makes DearMob iPhone Manager unique is it keeps the iPhone backup task very simple and precise without iTunes. Users can choose whichever piece of a message, contacts info, photos, videos, songs/ringtones, podcasts, and ebooks etc. under corresponding apps for backup - now you can even randomly select one individual photo, video, or message for backup instead of the whole library.

Even if you are doing full backups on a regular basis or seamlessly switch iPhone data to a new iPhone, which DearMob iPhone Manager also provides, its selective backup feature can be a fail-safe to guarantee that your most crucial files never get lost.

The Giveaway

To introduce this cool file-orientated backup solution to you, we've partnered with DearMob to give away a new iPhone Xs to one lucky winner, and each participant can get the fully featured DearMob iPhone Manager for free! Keep reading below for more details and to enter.

The Prize:

  • 256 GB iPhone Xs
  • DearMob iPhone Manager

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How to Enter

This Giveaway is hosted by DearMob in partnership with iMore, so you'll need to click through to enter! Simply hit the link to enter the giveaway page and cast a vote about your mobile phone choice in the 5G year of 2019. Then join the sweepstakes by submitting your vote with your email address. You can earn 10 more entries by discussing a little about your choice. To get DearMob iPhone Manager for free, you can directly download the app and free license code on the giveaway page without participating in the iPhone Xs giveaway.

Enter the giveaway here!

Subject to official terms and conditions found within the giveaway widget at the link above. The giveaway runs 3/22/19 at 9:00am PST through 4/8/19 at 11:59pm PST. Eligible to customers who are 18 years of age or older.

About iPhone data backup

In this era of data overload, the need for storage space would be a bottomless pit if one keeps accumulating without organizing. Investing in premium storage plans can only make your backup library a muddled collection of files and subject your finances to endless fees. To kick out the junk and keep those items of importance to you, we would recommend DearMob iPhone Manager as an easier and more efficient iTunes alternative to streamline your iOS device backup process.

Michelle Haag