Among its many other use-cases (see Apple's recent set of commercials), there are a growing number of couples taking advantage of FaceTime to help them stay connected -- and stay intimate -- when they're unable to be together. From overnight business trips to long distance relationships, FaceTime on iPhone 4 provides several advantages over regular telephones and computers when it comes to intimate moments.

First, experts say 80% of communication is really transmitted through body language and expression. All of this is lost over text or spoken conversation. Text only allows for word choice. Voice only allows for intonation. With FaceTime and its wonderful video quality you can actually see changes in expression; a twinkle in the eyes, a blush along the cheek, subtle smile, a bittersweet glance.

Second, iPhone is a lot easier to move around the house (and into the bed!) than a clunky old laptop. You can have your iPhone comfortably docked or propped up beside you if you want to keep your hands free, or grab it and take it under the covers if the mood strikes you.

Gizmodo has posted several tips for the more adventurous among you, should you want to try them out.

So have you -- or would you -- use FaceTime to spice up your love life? Let us know in the comments!